Friday, September 10, 2010

A Short Message

It was four days ago when I received an email from other part of the world. Though it was a short message, it turned out to be compelling. It made me realized how long I've been far away from home (blogosphere) and reminded me of one thing I love.

A message from a co-blogger...I've been rocking myself to get back, I even disabled one of my online pages so I could pour more time in blogosphere but then spent most of it thinking where would I start.

Oh well, now I just started. :)

Replied. If only I could send hugs as an attachment.

I'm back to the place of diamonds.


Marja said...

Oh great to see you back iriz I tried to check up a while ago but got transferred to a whole different page. Hope you are doing well. I am actually to busy to blog but love it to much. Take care

goatman said...

Your comments and posts are graphic and digital hugs. They are appreciated.
How is your father coming along?

iriz said...

MARJA hi! i'm doing better now. nice to have you here again. :) yeah, it's like there's a force pulling me back here. Take care too!

GOATMAN right. :) yours too! He's fine, doing good. Once more, i remember your father, i wish everyone's heart at peace. Glad you're here. :)

Nessa said...

It is wonderful to see you back.

iriz said...

NESSA hello dear, i'm also glad to have you back!. yeah i've been missing a lot. thanks for passing by. :)