Sunday, December 10, 2006


Change is something that most of us are reluctant about but the fact is, it occurs every minute of your life. I could remember my mother's story when she was young. She would go with her friends and play beside a pond. With her small hand, she would grab a tiny black creature and watch its tail wiggle. They called it "tadpole" but for her it's a black fish.

At home, she found a clear jar, filled it half with water and called it "home for the black fish". She would watch her black fish with fondness. After a couple of days, the wiggling tail was gone and two kicking feet emerged, then two arms. Its lucent eyes turned noticeable. She had to set it free because it won't fit inside a clear jar anymore. She'd seen how the black fish evolved and finally she had to let it go for a tadpole turned into frog.

So what's with the frog? You cannot be a tadpole forever. Change isn't a crime and it doesn't mean compromising your principles and individuality. Dare to change without living the standard set by society.

Change and still be you. For a tadpole will turn into frog but will still prefer to live in a messy pond rather than submerged in a clear water.