Friday, January 20, 2006


I looked at the picture, confused...are they letting go or reaching out? Looking closer and seeing beyond i end up assuming that these two hands are saying goodbyes. The dark side dominates and i think i'm being pessimistic here. A simple image that traversed my mind. I thought of faces that gone by, a throng of people that became part of me. Some let me feel they're just around and some just slipped away. Once again i'm saying goodbye with people and place that i've learned to love, an arduous decision to make. Friends hated me because i'm leaving and i saw tears that broke my heart. It's true as they say "people...they come and go". As these two hands part ways up to last touch of their fingertips, i know it's not the end because goodbye means "i'll see you again..."

"sometimes you have to leave...not to go but to grow"