Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Today, I Make No Sense...

I am jealous or maybe not.

I am upset... and i hate the feeling...Crap!

Someone who doesn't
deserve it at all...

If he doesn't care...why would I?

He has no idea...

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Are girls really ASSUMING?

I passed by a clique of guys and eavesdropped for what they agreed upon. As i heard, a lady can jump into a romantic presumptions from a guy who just simply showing a genuine kindness. According to them female species are indeed very "assuming". Anyone who wants to agree?

Well...I belong to that feminine primates they're discussing about but of course i have no plans to butt in or wave a red flag as if a war is about to begin. Instead, I ponder on it and realized things. I can befriend with any gender but I spend most of my time with girls. Want to meet some of them?

Meet Miss Sweet Text Messages...

Inside a cab, I was sitting beside her. As she sent the message to the guy who happened to be her love interest, she told me how she greatly appreciate every reply she got. "Look at this! Isn't he so sweet to me?" . With such extreme enthusiasm she showed me all messages nesting on her inbox. Each has a touch of sweetness with triple smiles by its end.

Little did she know that the guy, our common friend, was sending me messages with the same exact approach as if he has a standard syntax. Sure, i did appreciate the form of affection and could have felt that same tickling feelings but for me duplicating actions sometimes ain't consider special.

If a guy hugs every person in this world, so what if he hugs you?

Meet Miss Delayed Gift...

It was passed her birthday but she met us for a treat. As we waited for the guy, I could sense her excitement and fidgets vibrating on the ground. From a distance, the guy, who again used to be a common friend emerged handling a bag of gift.

We watched movie, finished a dinner...time went by and the gift rested on his own hand 'till we needed to split ways. When it was just me and her, Miss Delayed Gift asked me with such intense disappointment. "See the gift he was carrying? I know it's for me! Why was he so shy to give it?" With a heavy shrug and my few words, all i could say was "I don't know."

After a week, I had learned that on the day we met, the guy went to a Christmas party and the exchange gift he luckily got was the one he was carrying the whole time. So there's no way that Miss Delayed Gift can have it because the gift was exclusively for himself! (

I got more "assuming" stories but let's just go to what I've learned

Yes, girls might be assuming but no, not all of them. Generalizing can be unfair at times.

It takes a keen observation to know what was intended in a real sense and before you begin better set aside your sentiments and be less emotional. Because if you focus on what you feel every simple "hi" and "hello" will feels like close to heaven. Deceiving as it may seems. Distinguish who are just naturally sweet and incurably flirt.

Have a friend beside who can be honest enough to give pieces of advice as soft as hugs and opinions as painful as a slap (thanks i got one).
I believe in woman instinct, when you just knew it. But as long as there's no concrete move from a guy or any serious intentions then keep you mouth shut. Your instinct may be functioning perfectly but feelings change, he might likes you today but not tomorrow.

And by the way, the blame is not entirely for one gender. There are guys who are emotionally provoking. They'll treat you like princess, relish your heart with sugar coated words, makes you feel sexy and when you just bite the bait, he'll say

"You know, it was just nothing..."

Isn't that great? He sounds like it was all your fault and now he calls you "assuming" ?

Anyways all i really want to say is that at some point of our lives it's good to...

Don't expect too much, because it's better to be surprised than be disappointed.

Monday, October 08, 2007

Glass Shoes

So every guy is looking for a lady wearing a pair of glaring glass shoes, a smart option for a man with a good taste. Of course she must be stunning enough to capture a man's heart or should I say a man's sense of sight. Just how a pair of glass shoes needs to be worn with pride, that girl must look good enough to meet a certain standard.

I'm not a princess wearing a pair of glass shoes and i won't bother wear one.

I guess it doesn't lie on the surface where you feet are stepping on. A lot of woman out there might have extravagant toes but with an empty nutshell. Haha. I'm sorry...

A woman can be stunning in her own way and won't even care how a certain man perceives her in a focal point. Comparison is nothing for there might be someone better... but not exactly like her.

I love my shoes worn out by time, it's not as glaring as a glass but nothing can be as comfortable as it is. That's the vital thing in life...being yourself.

It's not "what" pair of shoes but i guess it's "who" wears that shoes...

(it was a topic derived from a friend's YM status "I'm looking for the girl who wears glass... " , it doesn't really mean so much to me but at least i got an idea for a new topic, i should thank him)