Thursday, October 25, 2007

Are girls really ASSUMING?

I passed by a clique of guys and eavesdropped for what they agreed upon. As i heard, a lady can jump into a romantic presumptions from a guy who just simply showing a genuine kindness. According to them female species are indeed very "assuming". Anyone who wants to agree?

Well...I belong to that feminine primates they're discussing about but of course i have no plans to butt in or wave a red flag as if a war is about to begin. Instead, I ponder on it and realized things. I can befriend with any gender but I spend most of my time with girls. Want to meet some of them?

Meet Miss Sweet Text Messages...

Inside a cab, I was sitting beside her. As she sent the message to the guy who happened to be her love interest, she told me how she greatly appreciate every reply she got. "Look at this! Isn't he so sweet to me?" . With such extreme enthusiasm she showed me all messages nesting on her inbox. Each has a touch of sweetness with triple smiles by its end.

Little did she know that the guy, our common friend, was sending me messages with the same exact approach as if he has a standard syntax. Sure, i did appreciate the form of affection and could have felt that same tickling feelings but for me duplicating actions sometimes ain't consider special.

If a guy hugs every person in this world, so what if he hugs you?

Meet Miss Delayed Gift...

It was passed her birthday but she met us for a treat. As we waited for the guy, I could sense her excitement and fidgets vibrating on the ground. From a distance, the guy, who again used to be a common friend emerged handling a bag of gift.

We watched movie, finished a dinner...time went by and the gift rested on his own hand 'till we needed to split ways. When it was just me and her, Miss Delayed Gift asked me with such intense disappointment. "See the gift he was carrying? I know it's for me! Why was he so shy to give it?" With a heavy shrug and my few words, all i could say was "I don't know."

After a week, I had learned that on the day we met, the guy went to a Christmas party and the exchange gift he luckily got was the one he was carrying the whole time. So there's no way that Miss Delayed Gift can have it because the gift was exclusively for himself! (

I got more "assuming" stories but let's just go to what I've learned

Yes, girls might be assuming but no, not all of them. Generalizing can be unfair at times.

It takes a keen observation to know what was intended in a real sense and before you begin better set aside your sentiments and be less emotional. Because if you focus on what you feel every simple "hi" and "hello" will feels like close to heaven. Deceiving as it may seems. Distinguish who are just naturally sweet and incurably flirt.

Have a friend beside who can be honest enough to give pieces of advice as soft as hugs and opinions as painful as a slap (thanks i got one).
I believe in woman instinct, when you just knew it. But as long as there's no concrete move from a guy or any serious intentions then keep you mouth shut. Your instinct may be functioning perfectly but feelings change, he might likes you today but not tomorrow.

And by the way, the blame is not entirely for one gender. There are guys who are emotionally provoking. They'll treat you like princess, relish your heart with sugar coated words, makes you feel sexy and when you just bite the bait, he'll say

"You know, it was just nothing..."

Isn't that great? He sounds like it was all your fault and now he calls you "assuming" ?

Anyways all i really want to say is that at some point of our lives it's good to...

Don't expect too much, because it's better to be surprised than be disappointed.


Sweetstickychewy said...

A very well covered post.

***as long as there's no concrete move from a guy or any serious intentions then keep you mouth shut.

Something many of us need to hear. I am totally with your statement. Saves us a whole lot of trouble.:)

I guess yeah i have to be with those guys. Most women are prone to assume. Some are close but tend to get their head in order before things take over. And guys are weird when they do all the sweet things and assume otherwise. I guess it makes sense when they say both species are wired differently. lol..

Enjoyed the read Reign!

You have an interesting blog. Glad you visited mine.


Abhishek Khanna said...

haha.. girls really assume tooo much

Nessa said...

The dance of male/female relationships: I think each is following different music.

Reign said...

Thanks, i never thought i covered well on this one.

Right, men and women have a lot of differences, the core of both conflict and attraction.

Nice to know you enjoyed! ;0)

Sounds like you met a lot... I know you got the funny side. ;0)

Yeah, different music, sad to say there are some that are out of tune. ;0)

Ebenezer said...


This post brings back a lot of memories during our college days. But don't worry I wont spill the beans. :D

Compassion Unlimitted said...

//Have a friend beside who can be honest enough to give pieces of advice as soft as hugs and opinions as painful as a slap (thanks i got one).//
Its the best thing to happen in ones life..A friend..lovely definition..keep it up

Pri said...

yess i so totally agree...its better to live in doubt than live in dissapointment...and dissapointment clearly comes from its best not to expect anythin in the first place...
but human as we all are, we tend to commit mistakes sometimes..mistakes of confusing "flirting" for "love" and then are blamed of assuming things...
so i guess sometimes its better to keep ones eyes open and take everything as a joke unless proved!!!
very well written girl...and very straight and clear indeed...:)

Marja said...

You are a well balanced lady. You can reason and are in touch with your emotional side as well. That will not only help you to choose wisely in the boys area but in all areas of life.
And great to have honest friends, they are indeed worth a lot.
Thanks for visiting me.

Reign said...

haha, memories, right.different stories.

about mine,i'm sure you know that the guy confessed to a common friend that he did feel something but considering things just like me.He could have kept it as his own secret.

It's when my mind and heart entangled. I felt something but we're there to finish some business.

Sometimes it's a mistake to feel a pinch and whisper a little 'ouch', if i did whisper one that's because nasaktan ako hindi dahil sa isang non sense expectation o simpleng assumption lang, haha. drama.

When you know it's just next to you and have a lot of ways to score but never made a move because it's not your thing, it's not you. Despite the feeling, I tried to be civil and casual. (o parang post na toh! haha)

but for being the only guy among our circle of friends i know what makes you laugh about the past. you're right. yan kasi puro babae kaming friends mo, hehe.kung nababasa rin nila to, i'm sure they'll put a comment too. lagot ka kay...hehe.

eben thanks for being one of shoulders i did lean on(haha, past)!

(let me spill it out for you, haha) ;0)

right, i always keep them around, friends who can be honest and bring out the real in me, i'm sure you got one! ;0)

i also agree with you about that
**** its better to keep ones eyes open and take everything as a joke unless proved otherwise
For the passed, i've been looking at it as a joke.

But there's a conflict 'coz whenever someone ask me for a date i'm not sure if i'm going to laugh or give it a chance (honestly), haha.

Thank you for having a glance of me that way. But inlove, sometimes, you don't really need to be smart, you just need the right time and the right one. When it come, i don't really have to choose.

Thanks so much;0)

SHAI said...

reign,,, yeah it is true that women can be assuming sometimes... we often base our judgements on what we see and feel. It is true that sometimes we get excited and misinterpret the actions we are receiving from the opposite gender. But the question is, Are we really getting the wrong signals or it is just that men in general are always sending the signal [the kind that makes you feel there is something going on between the two of you] and blame it on the girls if they feel and assume there really is something between the two of you. Well, what I want to say is that people in general must be aware of their gestures, not because we are not allowed to make such gestures but as human beings, we need to be careful because we might end up hurting someone in sending the wrong signal...

Reign said...

Point well taken dear, you really make sense on that one (as you always do).

"that people in general must be aware of their gestures, not because we are not allowed to make such gestures but as human beings, we need to be careful because we might end up hurting someone in sending the wrong signal..."

A great idea that every guy must read.

Thanks for dropping by!

Abhishek Khanna said...

haha.. yeah .. ;)

Reign said...

hi! you did read it! you're with us, nice one!

i'll get back to your blog soon;0)

karma lennon said...

Hey Reign-sorry I don't get to drop by very often! I like this post though! I randomly met a guy back in.....June I think....and at the end of August we started "seeing each other"....I was really excited...turns out he was also seeing another girl and now she's his girlfriend! Sigh....ah well, I still see him too (I know, I know.) but at least I get the option of not being emotionally involved. But you're right guys assume just as much as girls....

Reign said...

Hi girl! yeah, it's okay, I'm glad you came by! I'm so sorry about that but it seems that you still enjoy such thing anyways. Well, that's okay as long you're ready about everything possible, just be careful okay.

Nice to have you here! ;0)

Anonymous said...

I believe that girls really are so assuming... pero boys are assuming too... Its really on the person not on the gender.

Why? Because its not usual for each of us to experience peculiar kinds of care, love, or something... that when we actually experience it, we tend to assume... on something, either good or bad... we then expect differently.

In example, after breaking up with my gf, I decided to stay sweet to her so that our friendship will stay as is... But then, I just found out that she misinterpreted it... I told her that she is wrong with what she is actually feeling coz its not what I meant. and yun nagalit siya. so, to prevent another misinterpretation, I decided not to be sweet to her anymore and create this gap.

Another --- I was courting a lady for the past 4 years in college... For all I thought, we have this mutual understanding coz she reciprocates with unusual actions , hmmm should i say provoking... after all, my friends tell me that she won't do it if she doesn't like me either... and so i decided to ask her for a relationship... what happened? she busted me. she told me that she felt nothing... and she is just inately sweet.

Thats the irony of being in the world. We are blocked by our perceptions that sometimes, unusual actions create unusal moods... like love. in the end, we look like "feeling" individuals or expectorants... hahaha

from Red Rocks ^^

Reign said...

It's great to have you here sharing the reality. It's true, as they say "experience is the best teacher"

Great idea.
Thanks for taking time, I appreciate it!;0)

CM-Chap said...

Very nice post... And sply a worthy suggestion at the end

Reign said...


Right, the suggestion at the end.

"Don't expect too much, because it's better to be surprised than be disappointed."

you got it! ;0)

Abhishek Khanna said...

i was serious :D