Sunday, November 30, 2008

The Blah-gger

As I perched on my tilted chair with my nape leaned on and my face looking upward, I was hoping that a painted ceiling could amuse me. Right where I was seated, it felt like I'm being grilled by dullness. I squinted to the right, there was an empty chair and to the left was a colleague, dozed and slumped to his arm, drooling. So one must experience solitude some time but not all the time. I needed to talk to anyone about anything in anyhow. It was a moment of excruciating boredom and I am excruciatingly bored.

Computer, that's the closest thing visible to me. Talk to a machine with gestures, what will I suppose to say? 0110011010011? Speak the binary language? That must be nice but not when someone sees you. Unless you want them to think that you have left your sanity somewhere else. But yeah, talk to a computer, what are keyboards for? I opened a browser and my fingers sprightly on each keys, I typed on the address . I really don't know much about the site except the fact that you could create you own page and post anything you want. I just thought that must be cool.

I signed up, chose the template and there! A less ornate page no one would have an interest to view. It's a good thing I never told anyone that once, I dreamed to be a web designer or else after seeing my blog page, someone might sneer at me and ask where did I get the nerve to wish of becoming one. There's a link that says "comments" at the bottom, I know it was there for a reason but I guess I won't make use of it. I told myself that I would remove that option, but how? A primitive one still navigating through the settings. I forgot to remove it though, I prioritized on what would be my font, its size and whether I'll make it bold or italic. Yes, I took it seriously but end up with a funny crap page. I chuckled furtively on my seat, making fun of my boring piece.

The title. What would be the title? I thought of a nice one I could muster. "Iriz's Blog" would be nice but the 'Z' and 'S' slur together, I tried to pronounce it and there's a little effort separating 'z' and 's'. Try to pronounce it yourself so you would know (come on just try it). It sounds like a bee turning to a snake . I know I don't make sense that much but I must come up with a title that depicts one. Just like how Fish Eye got her title, I had learned that a fish eye is a kind of camera lens and relatively logical for posting about photography (am I right?). And so I pondered for my blog's sake.

I could say that how a person thinks and feels clearly define who he or she is. How you behave is based on the reasoning or arbitrary choices. Let's not define what's good from what's not, it doesn't matter, the point is, it's YOU. So you say "It's me" and you give them two choices, " take it or leave it". That's what I thought trying to come up with a good title, not sure if I'm right or wrong but one thing is certain, I got a title for my blog. That was the birth of Mind and Emotion.

Have you ever heard of an introvert blogger? Yes, someone who writes and yet she was so shy of letting someone else read it and so she reads her post alone. Introvert blogger, yes, that's me. I was writing on my desk doing my second post when a friend of mine emerged from the back. "What's that? Is that your blog?" she asked. I covered the monitor screen by my two hands and told her it was nothing. For a moment, I forgot that every browser has a minimize button that you can click on if by any chance you want to hide the active page. Way more convenient than covering the screen by your hands or feet. She forcibly removed my hand as if swatting a mosquito away. She gave me no choice and after going through it, "Why are you hiding it where in fact you have to let others read it?!". Her tone was somewhat threatening or she seemed in need of sedatives. She talked too much and too fast, I wasn't able to grasp some of her words but If I'll put it into brevity, I guess she meant like this, "Iriz,don't you see it? A blog is designed in an interactive format and you have to make sense of it. Now go and do some blog roll!". As I tried to absorb her words of wisdom, I thought to concede is the best way to shush her. "Really? Okay...", I said just to get away from it but I took her advice anyways.

I got my first comment! "Would you believe that?", I told myself. Someone just landed on my page and Finding Eben was the first one who found me.

Never thought I could write until I did. Perhaps one may doubt my words from what I say but not from what I write, I may not tell it all (Sorry, I don't want you to read a post that will take you two days to finish) but what was told must be undoubtedly real and from within.

Roaming around the blogosphere, I have seen a bigger world. From boredom it became my solace, from solace it became my home. A home with a door left ajar, you don't need to knock, you just come in. No competition 'coz one is solely unique from the other. You meet great people, not based on how they look but who they are. Here, you just dare to be you, and either through words or photos,you let your private mind transpire. They may care what you say but who cares how you say it? You just go on and bubble over. Incessant conversation through comments , it's like sitting with friends in a circle and everyone has their turn to say anything with buoyancy. We may have disparities but no opinion or comment is WRONG, 'coz here, we do it the WRITE way.

Okay, all I really want to say is...IT'S NICE TO BE BACK!