Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Another 365 Days

Another year gone by and a new one is welcoming a smile. In retrospect, the past 365 days became a mirror of ups and downs, laughters and tears, friends and enemies, success and failure, peace and war, love and hate. I'll keep the good memories and learn from the bad ones. I don't expect life to be perfect for this year but just like you, I'm looking forward for something better. There are lot of things that I am thankful for, you're on the list. Thanks for staying around!

I have some unfinished businesses and all of them will be carried over. As usual, I have plan B's just in case plan A's won't work and since things didn't work well for me recently, I'm thinking maybe I should have plan C's or maybe up to plan Z's :). I'll try to learn three new things for this year and others that will come my way. I'll satisfy my greatest frustrations, in fact, I just began.

New year's resolution? I guess I always have resolutions though the year haven't start afresh. Continuously learning from my own blunders and others goofs, trying new things and swearing to heaven with stars as my witnesses that I won't do such thing again (stars won't spill it out, just in case). But yeah, new year's resolution, why not? For now , I'll make a mental note of it. ;)

I'm wishing you guys a great year ahead. Good health and happiness. More posts for all of us!

And as long as you stay around, I'll watch over.

Happy New Year!!!