Tuesday, August 29, 2006

A Lifetime Vow or Just a Promise Lightly Given?

Just recently I was invited to witness a wedding ceremony held at my own town. I could recall how I rushed from my work to spot a simple but elegant gift and came late.

Isolated at the back, I stared at the enthralling white gown, the long veil that covered the brides face and I was thinking if it's the paramount wedding expenses why the groom seemed speechless.

After the ceremony, we headed at the reception area just behind the church. A room filled with myriad of guests. My friend who happened to be the bride's sister had left me alone at our table to assist others. Two unfamiliar faces shared seats with me, a not so old woman and a young lady.

"I'm very glad to see her getting married, she's very lucky", the woman initiated the conversation and I responded with a smile.

She began telling me stories about her own married life and found myself asking outright questions. A mother that affirmed her children that once they finished their studies they can go wed the next day without any further questions .Cool mom.

She feels pity for those who chose to be old maiden.

"Is it really necessary to get married?", I asked hoping she would take side of singlehood.

"Of course!", an answer with conviction but this time it almost blowed my eardrums.

"Get a car, a house and everything. Having all before getting married? that's stupid! You and you're partner shall work things out together", the woman conveyed.

Speaking with someone who's working as a teacher for 26 years, I decided to just listen like a student.

Shoving off from single life can be thrilling and exciting. Hope for the best and expect for the worse . According to the statistics, in US itself, 50% of marriage are predicted to end up in divorce.Sounds like half life and half death, 50% of uncertainties.

Another friend of mine finally heard what she's been waiting for...a marriage proposal. And as a wafting feeling begins, just right in time another man came in and tried to shake her life. A man that posses almost all characters she's looking for. I could feel the dilemma she's going through. I advised her to give way to what she feels for the other man and never ever get wed if she has a doubt as tiny as a mustard seed because from that tiny doubt will come a big failure.

Some had forgotten that marriage is a covenant, a lifetime vow. Marriage isn't a game that you quit when you get tired. Disparity may sets in but love and respect shall prevail. I am reared in a land where divorce is not permissible. I have nothing against those people who are in great favor of it but apparently liberal minds lost the true meaning of marriage.