Sunday, February 05, 2006


Damn when you do things 99% but none of them were recognized. I don't need a loud applause or plaque of appreciation, all I need is a little help. I could flee, escape and find a place where there could only be me, free from any mind boggling matters. But keeping distance would mean defeat and I'll be the first one to call my self a loser. Damn when each of your mind do not coincide, when you see a glass half full and they see it half empty. When you notice a wider space of clean paper but they focus on the tiny dot on it. Like an eagle that soar I could roam around and live alone but my wings will always lead me to the same tree, this is where I found my nest...This is my home. And though I want to give up, as long as I breathe, I have no choice but to live another day.
(***swollen eyes***)
"Life isn't that bad, it's someone's attitude that makes it worse"

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

The Library

Chatting with my friend yesterday he wondered what would be my next blog. Having no idea as well, i was opened for any suggestions. He gave me several options that made both of us laugh because it went with teasing , titles that won't make any sense and a blog that will require me to spill names (haha).

He suggested to make it "The Library". He reminded me how i spent my time in the library during our college days. Almost late for the next subject, i came in and entered the room with a red mark accross my face, they knew it, as usual..."iriz slept in the library with books as her pillows". Well, other than sleeping and reading, i always find serene time for myself, and as we all know it's a place with scattered notes... "OBSERVE SILENCE" (it will look better if they post it on the librarian's forehead, whatdyathink?).

But the most valuable lessons in life are not found in a peaceful place, getting rid of noise, isolating yourself from others and definitely not from a book. Life is a library itself and each of us is a book with a distinct concept. We learn from each other with no papers and pens required. We gain knowledge when you're away from comfort zones, when you take the rough road,when you deal with stress, when you raised you point against the other, when you face your fear, when you overcome pain, when you listen, when you're aware that you know a lot but not's countless.

I am thinking...if i were a book, what would be the title that fits me? how about yours?