Thursday, March 20, 2008

The Show is Over

She thought she'll get hurt to hear the truth.
Surprisingly she was just disappointed and had a deep sleep by night.
You could have said nothing when she asked you, leaving it as a secret instead of a lie.

You made her believed.

Now, don't you think it's time to give yourself a little rest?
'Coz the show is OVER.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

The Game of Fire

Have you ever spent a night with someone and by the next day your ways crossed, exchanged hi's and hellos as if nothing happens? The casual way.

Playing game is fun but how far can you go to please yourself?
This might be one of your games...Are you ready?

Straight from her lips, she confessed. Details by details, how it began and how long it's been goin' on. The set up? No commitment, no strings attached...just a bed buddy. It's when two pieces of flesh joined together, did such thing over and over but never talked about it. Well, I guess that is just fine not unless one gives in and goes beyond the agreement.

She became emotionally susceptible and felt a pinch whenever another girl roves around her bed buddy. In every game, there's a rule and NO DEMANDS is a big thing for this one.

The guy, on the other hand shows no strong feelings of any kind. And the girl admitted that made her flinched. I don't believe that the guy wasn't aware of how she feels. Someone's trying to pretend that everything's fine.He knows but tries ignore it and so the game goes on.

One thing is for sure, in the middle of the spiralling flame is a burning dilemma.

Dunno how will it end but it's a matter of choice and how you adhere with it.
Whether it is wrong or right, I'll leave it all to them, I'll leave it all to you.
Anyways it's hard to judge and show total acuity on a situation you've never been.

I'm not here to lay my verdict.
Just here to remind the adage "YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR OWN ACTIONS"
Wanna play?
For the one who wants to initiate, don't lay all your cards, if you do...that's how you'll lose the game.
For the one who wants to join, go ahead...amuse yourself but be cautious enough to be aware of what a fire can burn. Ashes ain't a broken glass, no pieces to reclaim.

This is the game of fire.
Now, can you tell me who wins?

Sunday, March 09, 2008


In equation, when formula gets tough due to COMPLEXITY, we might need to go back and master the BASIC. It will take another time but getting the right answer is what really matters
In life, when situations gets tough and COMPLICATED, after exhausting everything, we might as well go back from where we BEGIN. It's not a waste of time either 'coz as we travel back, we know we just learned a lot.
Sometimes the ambiguity of life is resolved by having it SIMPLIFIED.
I'm starting to simplify one equation of my life.

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Web of Lies

She declared to be a rich girl, living in a big house and enjoying an extravagant life. A father who was a professional physical therapist and a mother who stays at home as a good housewife - bits and pieces that made herself fit for the chosen crowd. She spent every day of her life in pretending and keeping the image she created. All were lies.

But no matter how she tried to keep everything as impeccable as how her words sound, the truth found its way to slip itself out. By the end, she was entrapped by the web of her own lies. A moment of shame that she almost wished the ground would shake, open wide and swallow her whole.

As one of her friends who was exasperated of such attitude, I confronted her. We always wanted to see her free from such extreme lies. With a soft voice, I went straight on every word I could let go, up to a point where I don't even care if I hurt her feelings. We did our part as her friends, she did lend an ear but she needs to do more than just listening. Our efforts were in vain.

Our friendship turned a total wreck. Haven't heard any news about her but I'm still hoping she got a chance to build the broken pieces of truth that could have saved a lot.

I guess this girl has a psychological problem. Too bad...I'm not a psychiatrist...

A lie to be persuasive enough needs to be backed up by another lie, followed by another, and so on and so forth. No man is completely honest, I agree. There are situations where a strand of lie can be a better rope to hold on or cover up a point that will definitely turn to worse. But when it's rampant and start to fester your individuality or harm other feelings, then I're in trouble.

It tangles as it twist the truth.

I heard a lot, I've seen how lies are orchestrated. They were squeaky-clean...spotless as it may seem and I who had witnessed it now hardly believes.

I can commit honesty, that's easy, but first...convince me more.