Sunday, March 19, 2006

A Shot of Horror

Checking my e-mail at my workstation, I opened one message with a subject "FWD:This photo won a pulitzer award". A t first glance it was a strange photo but after scrutinizing the phrase at the bottom, i was shell-shocked. Those few words are too much that made me teary eyed. I thought i was just being too emotional and so i did a research with details I got and found out that this piece of image made the world weep...

Considered as the biggest country in Africa,Sudan is located in Northern part of the said continent, bordering the Red Sea, between Egypt and Eritrea . It really felt bad to know that famine occured long before and after the year 1994. Sudan is a nation engulfed by war and it was a long term crisis . Its true "history repeats itself" and people never learns. They had poor access for basic necessities and i doubt if they know what health care means. Large number of children and even elders died because of malnutrition and starvation. How come these things happened at such extreme point? I may not have a profound understanding about the whole scenario but the hell with their government officials and i hope that this horror won't happen on my own land.

Kevin carter, a famous South African photograper won Pulitzer Award as a recognition for the photo shown above. Many of his photos published were given strong reactions by media. I couldn't imagine a man who's doing great with his job but ended up comitting suicide right after his fame. I think it's not just the photos but the actual scene he witnessed as others struggled. I'd rather view the photo rather than see it myself . Mr. Carter killed himself with a suicide notes left as he was being haunted by these horrible facts.

The toddler with a thin body crawling on the ground on the way to the feeding station,wanting food up to the last breath and the vulture that if only i could break its wings and hang it dead on a tree, they clearly state one of the philosophies in life... "survival of the fittest". A vulture waiting for the toddler's death, how come a flying creature survives over a young child? worse...

It was like a story where the ending lies on the reader.
what happened to the little girl? did anyone passed by and pick her body? wasn't anyone bother rush her through the feeding station? the vulture? did it harm the toddlers body? i can't spare my mind from these questions.

Life isn't easy for many us, we have shortcomings and downsides. We have financial issues that we deal over and over again. Either we complain or expect too much. Take another glance at the photo...i said take another glance, don't just see...feel. Do you realized how blessed you are? Are you giving up crawling on the ground of life's adversity? Thank God that you're right there at your seat surfing the net and later after going through this article you have a home waiting for you and a dinner with your family.

So much for me to say, let this be enough. Such photo moved my...mind and emotion.

Sunday, March 05, 2006


In the middle of my busy world, yes i do...miss some0ne