Wednesday, August 29, 2007


30th sucks! Oh i just really hate it when the month is almost over. You get your compensation deducted by tax while all bills are like waving as they crave for your attention. So you asked them...which one wants to get to paid first?! Too bad, they all raised and screamed!

Electric bill? Water bill? Tuition fees? Thank goodness we don't rent a house.

Right, i have to rush for groceries. I do it alone so i stay within my budget. Haha.

At the end of it when both body and mind are exhausted, i take a seat and a deep sigh.
There are things that sucks but still love doing it, not because you don't have a choice (well, i really don't) but because you know no one can manage it the way you do, now that also sucks!

Friday, August 24, 2007

He or She

How can anyone be so innocent how wonderful he or she is? When that person close his or her eyes and brings you to a world of serenity. When his or her smile just made your day and you're dying the moment he's or she's not around. When his or her simple words began to take your attention.When his or her simple concern made you feel like you're being taking care of. When suddenly you missed him or her. Suddenly you admired someone. That one who's been around but you didn't bother to take a glance. You know...that's it... but you hardly admit.

Because you never expect it to be that way. Never expect to feel a pinch of pain when it's all about him or her. You laugh asking yourself how can you be so affected?

And now you playing the role of what you think you should be, hiding behind a mask. You never mean it, that's how it all began and that's how you'll end it. Holding it back.

No, you're not brave enough.
Perhaps...both are not brave enough.