Wednesday, August 29, 2007


30th sucks! Oh i just really hate it when the month is almost over. You get your compensation deducted by tax while all bills are like waving as they crave for your attention. So you asked them...which one wants to get to paid first?! Too bad, they all raised and screamed!

Electric bill? Water bill? Tuition fees? Thank goodness we don't rent a house.

Right, i have to rush for groceries. I do it alone so i stay within my budget. Haha.

At the end of it when both body and mind are exhausted, i take a seat and a deep sigh.
There are things that sucks but still love doing it, not because you don't have a choice (well, i really don't) but because you know no one can manage it the way you do, now that also sucks!


goatman said...

You gotta pay them.
But new beginnings spring from old endings. A new month, a world of new happenings to admire.
Thanks for visiting.

karma lennon said...

Bills suck. I always have to decide which I'd rather have-power or a phone? Food or my car? Sigh....and I'm thinking of quitting my job and being a starving artist. This will be fun. :)

mindy said...

bills do suck.. so does a mortgage. ahh.. but the alternative isn't fun. :)

polona said...

it is usually the 18th here.
but the effect is the same... one gets rid of much money... but what alternative do we have?

Reign said...

Hi goatman!
Well of course, i will. Right, when the month ends then i look forward a for better one.;0)

Hello karma lennon!
Yeah, getting confused. That's why having a list-to-do and sorting them by priorities really helps.;0)

Good day mindy!
Right, bills suck because they bother us till we settle everything down but looking at it in a more positive perspective these things also teach us how to be responsible enough. :0)

There you are polona!
No alternative, that's the point. We have to pay bills for these are how we live. Imagine life without electricity...oh that is so primitive! ;0)

Guys, thanks for passing by! ;0)

Watanuki said...

bills? i collect them! it's my hobby every month, collecting bills. haha.

spending money is easy, earning money isn't.

right reign? (naks!)

Reign said...

I know you're not used to call me by that name.haha.

Right, point well taken. I guess it's much better to call it a hobby...more optimistic in a sense.

Thanks for dropping by watanuki!