Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A Cut of Diamond

It's funny how arduous it is for me to fill up the field "About Me". I don't know, I just can't describe myself or maybe I'm not sure if I'm picking the right word. Only in my resumés I was able to forge myself for description where I have to indicate that Iriz is a dedicated person while pondering "Am I?".

'Till my best bud asked me to post "25 Random Things About Me". I even bargained if I could make it 2+5 random things instead, I only need 7 then. But anyways, let's not break the chain. Here's my homework and at end of it, we have bigger space to share your own cut.

"25 Random Things About Me"

01. A bit off- I'm not a vain person. I don't try hard when it comes to how I look. Less make up. I'm not perfectly pristine as if always ready for a photo shoot. I'm not a mess though, just someone imperfect but knows how to take care of herself.

02. Intro Amnesia- I'm not good with names. So after an introduction from a common friend and we bump into each other, I would start guessing whether your name is Stephanie or Stephen. After hours of convivial conversation as if we were long lost friends, forgive me if I'll say "Sorry...what's your name again?" (Well of course that does not apply here, we weren't introduced but yeah we bumped into each other *smile*)03. Not Right- I'm a left handed.

04. Folded & Hung-If there are ladies anxious and taking time to prepare about what to wear the next day, I'm not one of them. Only 2 things bother me, a job interview and a big event, other than that, as long as everything's folded and hung, tomorrow's what-to-wear will be fine. Pull out that jeans, pull out that shirt, mix and match and then I'm good to go. I don't prepare, I do it on the spot.

05. Piercing- I got 3 piercings on my body, 2 for the pair of my ears and another on my navel. No plans to add more.
06. It's a Must- When I was a kid I used to believe that there's a monster underneath my bed and a blanket was my shield of protection. Now, I realized how stupid I am to have that kind of imagination but I had outgrown that blanket, I can't sleep without it. Even in sultry temperature, I still need one to at least cover my feet. Without a blanket it feels like I'm sleeping naked.

07. Irresistible- I could resist a handsome guy but not a body massage. LOL. Anyways, who can say no for relaxation?08. Collections-
Silverworks accessories, beach pebbles/stones, books, magazines, price tag, mistakes.

09. Shoe Wrecker- My mother told me "I really suggest you buy shoes made of steel". Most of my shoes don't last, not even the ones made in Marikina (A city in the Philippines where you can find the best shoemakers). I've been observing my feet if there are some sort of sharp teeth or alike but I found none. Or maybe because even though I have other pairs of shoes to wear, I always wear the most comfortable one. I use it everyday 'till it fed up on me.

10. Turn it Off- I can't sleep with lights on. I'm not sure if there's a scientific explanation for that but for now all I know is I can't. I just can't.
11. Chocolate Drunkie- I have tasted all, if not, almost all chocolate drinks in the market. When I'm not in a good mood, a sip of chocolate drink can sedate me. Maybe it's true that chocolates provide happy hormones in your body.

12. Adventurous- I'm just thinking life can't be entirely stagnant.

13. Turn it On- During rest days when I have so much time for general cleaning, I can't do better without the music on. With dust and dirt I let the music play and when I'm carried away I use the broom as a microphone. Crazy, I know.14. Hard-to-Gain -I don't have a diet, I eat anything I want as long as it's not alive and well cooked. I have a close friend, we eat almost the same amount of food and I would sometimes initiate for an invitation to eat out and she would burst "You're hungry again?!". I feel guilty 'coz while her body keeps ballooning, I remained slender. By weight, she's frustrated to lose and I'm frustrated to gain. I have a fast metabolism so might as well take advantage of it.

15. It Runs Through- My father has a Chinese blood, my mother has a Spanish blood. Now, I'm not sure what do I have, It could either be Chinish or Spanese.

16. It's the Color- I have a pair of eyes that doesn't lie but seems to make me a liar. One asked me "Iriz, how much did you pay for your contact lenses?". Busy riffling through folders, I took a pause and responded with wonder "Me? Uhm...I don't wear one...". and then he said "Oh come on...". Since then I have to convince others that I'm not really wearing one. I don't! and you have to believe me! It's not a pretty pair of eyes though, there are just instances that my eyes turn hazel brown but it's not something noticeable unless in a closer look and more apparent only when struck by light.

17. Id Rather - In some situations, I'd rather have nothing than to have something that I don't really like. You can't forge satisfaction and there's no trick for happiness but to get what you really want. Again, in some situations.

18. Form of Relaxation- I could spend 30 minutes for taking a bath and if it's my rest day when I don't rush, I could spend an hour. Yes, of course, I am certain that a guy like you hates a girl like me. As my brother would shout "You've been in a bathroom for so long! Are you planning to have a vacation or live there for good?! Then I would holler "Neither! Just bring me some pillows and a blanket, an overnight will do!
19. LOL -I am an incurable giggler and I love people who make me laugh. Sometimes I would laugh not because of the joke you crack but I am laughing just because of how you laugh.

20. Never Been- I want to be... a field reporter, an astronaut, a secret agent, an author, a scientist, a photographer, a chef, a pilot, a mother. Sometimes I feel like I'm just a piece of "wanna be".

21. Balanced- I am a person who takes time to mingle and takes time to be alone.

22. Shake Me - My sister once told me in a sulky mood "Know what? Asking a help from you is always been so easy but finding where you are is the hardest one". My sister always need me for an opinion or at least a conversation 'coz I am someone who can be serious and silly at the same time. She needs my time and she demands it. And with her few words, I guess I've known myself somehow. Better shake my busy world rather than just waiting 'till I come out and when I come out I'll make up for those times I was gone. Because of her words that threw me one of the guiltiest feelings, now I couldn't resist when someone insist.
By the way, meet my sister, she turns green when feels upset.

23. Mark - I have a birthmark on my left leg that took me time to realize what it is because of it's light color. I thought it was a dirt or something but when scrubbing with soap and antiseptic alcohol didn't let it go away then I knew that tiny map-like is part of my skin.

24. Conscious - I'm a health conscious person (something I don't realize not until my sister told me I am) believing that it always start from within. I get sick when my body don't sweat, that's why I enrolled in a fitness class. I spend my spare time by going to the gym. Not sure if you'll agree with me but you won't look good unless you feel good.

Oh my... I can't believe it, Im almost done!

25. I do and I dont- I don't smoke. I drink, occasionally.

Now, I realized a list of 25 isn't enough. LOL. But again, I won't break the chain so I'll stick on it.

Okay, okay...so when I say "Diamond", you know I'm pertaining to YOU, right? Now it's your turn! Give me that cut, tell me at least one thing or anything about you that you'll be glad to let me and let us know.
We have a bigger space down here. Let's do it randomly. Who'll go first?!