Thursday, September 15, 2005


If only there's an emotional anesthetic drug that can be purchase from a drugstore i would rush to buy one and perhaps you'll go with me. But in the world where heart and mind keep on ravelling, who can promise a painless life? Mr. Cupid may be so sweet to hit you with his magical arrow but what if the pressure is too strong that your heart bleeds (ouch!) . From an e-mail that was sent to me, there was this line that i remembered "DONT CRY BECAUSE IT'S OVER, SMILE BECAUSE IT HAPPENED". And i thought on reversing the gist of it, "DON'T CRY BECAUSE IT HAPPENED, SMILE BECAUSE IT'S OVER" (still making sense? but i think it only applies if you realized such a mistake). You take the pain 'coz you take risk, that's how it works.

be strong my dear