Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Every Heart

Let there be no reason for everyone to be less of LOVE

If you can't FIND it...

Have a happy heart ;0)

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Am I being too picky?


" I'm a busy person and gushing with guys isn't my thing, just one of the reasons why I remain single. As I knuckle down myself into work there are guys who still have guts to invite me for a date. I appreciate the time and attention but how can i accept such invitation?

Mr. X is very talkative.When we converse, the spotlight was focused on him. He'll brag about his business, his car and everything external to him that I don't really care about. Since we're working night shift he would invite me for a breakfast and offer to drive me home. Isn't that sweet? Guess what i found out?...He's married

Mr. Y never fails to compliment me. A guy who's certainly expressive and impulsive. Without any convivial talk, he bluntly invited me for a date. Is he running out of time that he needs to do it in a hurried pace? I think it's better to go out with someone you've been friend for quite a while. Regardless of the approach,I could have said yes if only i never learned that at the same time ...he's courting another girl

Forget about Mr. Z, he's nothing but a variable with the same insincerity.

Date is a process of getting to know each other. Who would take time to know more of people who are in the first place fooling around? They said that I should have at least tried to go out, anyway "it's just a date". I'm not sure if I'm right and their wrong. I just want to go out with a guy who can be himself.

My friend told me that I'm too picky. Am I? Can someone tell me where are the sincere guys in this world? Are they playing hide and seek?"

I was a member of an anonymous blogger community before but then I stopped and continued writing at We are all total strangers and none of my closest friends were able to read it. Suddenly, it crossed my mind and decided to visit my page, there I found this post and decided to repost it here.

Going through it, I realized there are things that changed.

-I stopped telling "I am busy". If you keep on telling "I don't have time", you won't really find time.
-I don't knuckle down myself at work anymore. I take it easy.
-For those who throw invitations, I still appreciate the time and effort but this time I think I have to accept it (sincere ones). I'll give them a chance, at least a moment.

And if good guys are playing hide and seek wether they're in jungles, caves or into the depth of oceans, why not take a pause and appreciate what's right next to me waving hands close to my face.

A friend of mine made me promise that I won't say "NO" to any good intentions about to come. That I will start kissing frogs 'till I find my prince. I told her I met my prince and told me that the problem is he never looked at me as a princess. Ouch! Just another slap on my face and so we just focus on my promise and it's just for good intentions, not for X and Y guys.

Too bad...I'm keeping my words.