Thursday, November 17, 2005

Doing fine

Never bury yourself from the past. Bad things happen for good reasons. Don't waste every minute of your life with bitterness. Live and Laugh. Pray, for like a true friend GOD never betrays.

Thursday, September 15, 2005


If only there's an emotional anesthetic drug that can be purchase from a drugstore i would rush to buy one and perhaps you'll go with me. But in the world where heart and mind keep on ravelling, who can promise a painless life? Mr. Cupid may be so sweet to hit you with his magical arrow but what if the pressure is too strong that your heart bleeds (ouch!) . From an e-mail that was sent to me, there was this line that i remembered "DONT CRY BECAUSE IT'S OVER, SMILE BECAUSE IT HAPPENED". And i thought on reversing the gist of it, "DON'T CRY BECAUSE IT HAPPENED, SMILE BECAUSE IT'S OVER" (still making sense? but i think it only applies if you realized such a mistake). You take the pain 'coz you take risk, that's how it works.

be strong my dear

Sunday, July 31, 2005


"i had quest from afar and it's surprising to know
no more time to waste and no more distance to go
why i have been so blind to appreciate and see
the one i just passed by and sometimes next to me"

be keen...

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Conservative or Liberated?

An old friend approached me and told that she has a confession.As i was sitting beside her waiting for words, she just gave me a hesitant look. It took time before she could open up because she thought that after lending my ears i'll look at her as a less worth person .For the first time it felt like sharing her secret was like a huge risk.After few minutes of persuading, she sheepishly utter "iriz...i'm no longer a virgin". My response was no words but a simple smile. Though i was quite moved by what i heard i tried to act like i wasn't. There was just a strike of surprise but no trace of judgement. After that, a lot of confessions from couple of friends followed and hearing them saying "iriz...i'm no longer a virgin" is just like hearing "iriz...i bought a new shirt" big deal. Having those liberated friends just gave me no choice but to open my mind. What is right could be different from what is real. Liberated mind opposed what is so called "traditional". I usually heard such lines like "i know what i'm doin' and at any point i'll blame no one but my self", "go for what makes you happy", "it doesn't really matter who makes the first move"... an attitude that i found so brave and i admire them for that. Since we're living in a world of opposites, of course, there we also have the league of conservatives. People who freak out when hearing such censored terms. They rely more on others perception and getting them dress seductively will be a great challenge. They are much aware about their limitations. A conscious mind for consequences. They may not make the major move but for some situations where things are better left undone at the end they lost nothing and make a dignified stand. No,they are not coward. They are controlled.In a world of temptations where enticement keeps whispering, as there are few who remains firm... i gave them my salute. Are you conservative or liberated? As long as you're human with a rational mind the answer won't really matter. Me? I'll go between(sorry,i'm not being specific).I am someone who can decide with vigor up to a precise extent.

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Wake Up!

My body weighed so heavy as i woke up from my bed early this morning. I wasn't able to get enough sleep since i watched movie with my boardmate 'till 11:00pm. Nothin' really pushed me to stood up other than the idea that "i have to work". Sometimes things get routinary and doing it became so exhausting. At work,being in a technical account could be sometimes stressful.You don't just resolve issues, dealing with different attitudes is another thing. Irate,frustrated and difficult clients,name it...they're all in queues(grrrrrr). I just wonder how many agents on the floor started their day like me. And since no one can really make my day I need to relax my mind and be self motivated. At my workstation i had to take a deep breath and condition my mind. Took a pause and asked myself "WHY DO I COMPLAIN ABOUT SUCH GOOD THING?" I think i should be thankful that i don't belong to the ratio of unemployed people and i don't get stagnant at home waiting for New Year. I should wake up!Earn a living! and be a productive Filipino Citizen!(ngek!hehe,as if!). Anyway the day is almost over and waiting for the end of our shift. Quite sleepy...I can see my self plunging on my bed. I need to recharge for tomorrow.Lesson for the day? Start your day with optimism anticipating situations for the best possible outcome.

"Being happy is not just having what you want but also wanting what you have"

Saturday, June 25, 2005

Should I Burst it Out or Hide Inside?

march 28,2005
10:am, on the floor
@ my workstation,encrypting my suppressed emotion character by character...

"I took a glance when your eyes are closed
Those stolen moments that i treasured most
And when all my feelings are depicted with lies
There was the pain where truth can't be denied..."

i just hate the feeling and hope that soon i'll get tired of it...

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Friend:A Treasure One Seat Away

I believe that every single person must have at least one true friend. Someone to whom you can explicitly utter what you feel though words are unsaid. A gentle hand that taps you with an affirmative voice saying "you can do it" and attentive ears that restlessly listening to your most repeated stories and crazy emotions. Someone to make you laugh in midst of pain or stress, someone to tell you how dumb you are, and someone to share your day. What life would be without friends? It's like grabbing a door of an empty room. I'm so lucky i have you but you're have me(just kidding) .Feel blessed my friend... you're not alone. ;0)