Thursday, June 23, 2005

Friend:A Treasure One Seat Away

I believe that every single person must have at least one true friend. Someone to whom you can explicitly utter what you feel though words are unsaid. A gentle hand that taps you with an affirmative voice saying "you can do it" and attentive ears that restlessly listening to your most repeated stories and crazy emotions. Someone to make you laugh in midst of pain or stress, someone to tell you how dumb you are, and someone to share your day. What life would be without friends? It's like grabbing a door of an empty room. I'm so lucky i have you but you're have me(just kidding) .Feel blessed my friend... you're not alone. ;0)


Anonymous said...

wow... did you actually write this? Its so good... I feel like reading a chicken soup for the soul...


Reign said... one else but me ;0)