Saturday, August 16, 2008

I Explore

We paddled through the rushing water and every step was a darker mystery. With illuminating flashlights and accruing curiosity, we traversed the dim place. The deafening silence depicts that something is lurking behind, alluring us to come closer. My every step was done with caution or I'll find myself plunge into the shallow water, gain bruises of recklessness and a chance for them to laugh at me. What convenience do I have stepping on something I can't barely see? Thanks for the one who invented the flashlight. I went on, painstakingly.

An aloft squeaky sound passed through us, I felt the soft gush of air. Little wings flopped and I could vaguely visualize the adroit creature.

"Is that a...bat?" I asked.

"It is." My friend confirmed.

And I thought I made a hogwash question. Of course, what flying creature would I expect inside a CAVE?

"That might be a playful one who got lost and now finding the way abode or maybe the winged creature was just trying to break the boredom of hanging up there." I told myself.

So much for that bat. I was fascinated by the strange place, somewhere I've never been but always wanted to be. At the moment, it's not a just a mere image printed on a photo paper, I was there experiencing every detail. If you're not an adventurous type, you might not have the interest to scroll down. If you care to do so, just try to imagine, I was there and you're with me.

Careful okay....slippery surface can put you into shame...

Oops, it's darker here, well of course...

What if walls in your office will be like these? Would you still come to work?

Come on... don't think about earthquake, not now!

Look closer, just like scintillating diamonds.

See that? No exquisite hanging chandelier but what a great ceiling!
Those are Stalactites, it's a chemical reaction between water and limestone.
It's also a deposit of calcium carbonate resembling an icicle.
Will take million of years to form, so it's an extremely slooooow process.

It was a worthwhile experience...
Sometimes you have to scramble your life. Go somewhere you've never been, do something you haven't done. For a moment, leave that boisterous city and forget that heap of work. Look forward for something unusual, I'm not saying you go for caving but anything that allures your interest.
Perhaps, that bat which flipped and flopped left the usual herd hanging on the cave's palate and then tried to explore, and just like that winged creature, you can also break the boredom.

Cacupangan Cave
Mabini Pangasinan, Philippines

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Auditory Sense

It became a usual scene, a table between as she seated in front of me like a purring cat gone insane.

"Iriz, tell me what must i do?" she asked.

"Get out of it. You just told me...that man is still living with his wife who will give birth few months from now. One day you'll have your own family and I'm sure you won't be glad to know your husband is having an affair with his employee." I gave my advice.

"But I love him." She retorted.

We all know that the word "but" is a conjunction where two phrases are joined together, the word is usually in between. In her case, "but" is where everything begins.

"Sometimes you have to choose what is right over what you want. I'm telling you, it's a mess." Me, pressing it harder.

We've been discussing the issue for the nth time. She sought for advice, i gave her one. She sought for advice, i gave her one. She sought for advise... guess what? I gave her one. And as we looked at it in a split overview, it seemed we're both consistent.

For couple of days she'd been struggling with flu. I bought her medicine and kept track of her intake. She told me it's not just a flaming temperature, once again she's being attacked by her cervical infection. It was her major health problem for years but stopped to get medical assistance when she began to feel better.

"Don't you think it would be better to consult a doctor? I'll accompany you." I insinuated and so we did.

I was waiting at the lobby, she slowly approached and with her pale face I'm not expecting her to tell me she's fine.

"What did the doctor say? " I was gleaning for details.

She clutched my hand as if I'm going to run somewhere. I could feel her trembling flesh and it began to bother me more.

"What?" In a demanding tone, I asked.

"I-t-s p-o-s-i-t-i-v-e." She stammered.

Few words followed, enough for elaboration. I looked into her eyes and I saw the break of the dawn. A tear didn't easily fall but it surrounded her eyes like a deep well of fear I could not fathom. In my mind, I found a scant vocabulary to pick the right words that would console her. It's more than just a cervical issue...

She got a Sexually Transmitted Disease...

The doctor asked her to go back with her partner but it never happened. The guy she used to love ditched her in the middle of abyss. Then there came darker revelations, her colleague, the accountant, was also having an affair with her boss. It's a circle of fools and I hate to know she belonged.

Did you ever come to a point when you sought for advice, you got the best one but you just didn't take it?

I did.

Now I'm thinking about my parents. From the kitchen, my mother would usually remind me in a shrill voice.

"Iriz, make sure that you bring umbrella, I think it's going to rain!"

"Yes Ma, I gotta go. Bye." I responded with a little lie just to leave her at peace.

Then I wafted through the door without any umbrella at hand believing it's going to be a sunny day but it turned out that my mother was right. The next day, I was not feeling well.

Sure, I didn't get STD on that day but that made no difference between me and my friend. I am just like her. Sometimes...

We hear but we don't listen...

Hearing is using your auditory sense. Listening is processing the data that was gathered by your auditory sense. So hearing is just hearing alone but listening is hearing that requires thinking. Do I make sense?

It's good to rely on our own judgement and consider certain actions, by then we can call ourselves " DECISIVE". But that doesn't mean we have to shut our mind from external opinions and concerns. You might not know how these few words can save you from trouble. Hear, listen and weigh things over.

Years had passed and regarding health and emotion my friend fully healed.

And yes, my mother doesn't have to shout as I leave the house. Rain or shine, I always have my umbrella on the go.