Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Just In Time

Why is it that when you're in so much hurry, JUST IN TIME, things turn VERY SLOW? Feels like chance is smiling at me peevishly.

On the road, loading stations were jam-packed with people making their ways to schools and offices. Fortunately, I was the one of those who had a great and laborious morning on the way to work. I clambered through the bus not being sure if I could make it inside and with the hope that chance will be so kind to have me spot a vacant seat. If not, I have no choice but to stand up, grip on bars to keep my balance and wait 'till the bus is partially unloaded. It occurred to me that gentlemen nowadays can be considered as endangered species and I'm afraid they're close to non-existence. In a public vehicle like this, expecting a guy to stand up and offer his seat to you is like winning the major prize in a most exciting raffle draw. So, I gave myself a wish of good luck.

Luckily, I got my individual seat.

Must be at work as early as 8:00AM but the bus was making a turtle-like motion. There was no car accident on the way or a crowd having massive social rally, one can call it just an ordinary day. This explains why people in our local area are starting to believe that heavy traffic isn't an issue but something to embrace as "normal". Who would ever thought that normal can be so ridiculous as this?

Since the vehicle was at the same spot for so long, I could tell you that it felt like we're in a parking lot. The weight of the bus remained static on the ground and the gravity on earth is not helping me. I'd like to to push the window open, crane my neck out and shout at the top of my lungs "What the @%^#$? is this?! Move your wheels! I'm getting late!" But of course...that's a stupid idea so there's no way that I'll do that, just a by-product of my burning frustration. I remained on my seat holding sobs.

I can't blame the bus driver who managed the steering wheel, can't blame the car before us which also waited on the long queue, can't blame the innocent traffic lights that no matter what color it had didn't make any difference with the traffic flow, can't blame the traffic enforcer...for I didn't see any. So let me blame the government for not being able to construct wider roads and let me blame myself for having an erroneous estimation of time to reach my destination. Wish I could dig a tunnel that begins from our house and ends straight to my office. Don't you think that would be great?

When the bus made a complete halt to unload passengers, I rushed out the door and crossed the road. I got only few minutes and to beat the time I'd like to run just how they do it in marathons. But no, not with my 3-inch high heels. I actually hate high heeled shoes but I'm pretty sure you won't like to see me wearing a corporate attire with comfy slippers.

At last, I'm at the main entrance of the building but it's not yet over. The elevator was waiting for me, it opened up and employees rushed in. I'm in a total impatient mode as the elevator stopped at every floor.
Finally, I'm at the 11th floor and made my way to our training room. I didn't think that greeting them a "Good morning!" was appropriate at the moment and for me.

A smile along with my shrinking feeling, I uttered...

"I'm sorry....I'm late"

No matter how you rant today due to heavy traffic, distance between your house and work office will be the same distance you'll go through by tomorrow. So either you reside to a closer location or wake up earlier. Perhaps you could include that huge tunnel as well. Can you think of any other options?