Friday, May 25, 2007

A Poem Without a Title

I hate it when doomed moment consumed your soul
Don't mind your broken wings, it will heal on its own
Soar with me to show you what's behind each dawn
And let my arms warm each tear of that frozen mourn
With the strength within me we will chase the wild
I'll unchain you from the prison of a whimpering child
Fly with me my dear and just leave what lurks behind
Under my wings...the ravelling past will be unbind
At the top of the mountain i'll let the world hear it loud
I harnessed such rule with neither limit nor bound
With a potent voice within that will shake the ground
Breaking a silence and letting go of a sheltered sound
Within our boundary i'll disobey the law of letting go
Let them punish me for on that day i'll let them know
That i've been a fugitive from a lie i used to grow
I surrender from holding back, let it be and let it flow
We'll cross the ocean like a diamond dazzling clear
In the depth of each heart going beyond with no fear
With the reason to survive and your soul to endear
No hurdle that i can't surpass as long as you're here
Why not scour the forest 'till we find a place to rest
Like two white doves that gone far seeking for a nest
We'll look forward by the morning, anew and fresh
Unruffled by the worst and enthralled by the best
The world is so vast for two souls wandering free
In a manifold forms great things are for you to see
But what this world could offer if HE won't let us be
Wrapped by each wings in a world just you and me
For no place will matter if i'll be there without you
Time isn't precious if alone each second go through
Not a dazzling ocean or even a high mountain will do
You must be mine and i'll beg HIM...if i needed to