Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Wake Up!

My body weighed so heavy as i woke up from my bed early this morning. I wasn't able to get enough sleep since i watched movie with my boardmate 'till 11:00pm. Nothin' really pushed me to stood up other than the idea that "i have to work". Sometimes things get routinary and doing it became so exhausting. At work,being in a technical account could be sometimes stressful.You don't just resolve issues, dealing with different attitudes is another thing. Irate,frustrated and difficult clients,name it...they're all in queues(grrrrrr). I just wonder how many agents on the floor started their day like me. And since no one can really make my day I need to relax my mind and be self motivated. At my workstation i had to take a deep breath and condition my mind. Took a pause and asked myself "WHY DO I COMPLAIN ABOUT SUCH GOOD THING?" I think i should be thankful that i don't belong to the ratio of unemployed people and i don't get stagnant at home waiting for New Year. I should wake up!Earn a living! and be a productive Filipino Citizen!(ngek!hehe,as if!). Anyway the day is almost over and waiting for the end of our shift. Quite sleepy...I can see my self plunging on my bed. I need to recharge for tomorrow.Lesson for the day? Start your day with optimism anticipating situations for the best possible outcome.

"Being happy is not just having what you want but also wanting what you have"

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