Sunday, September 23, 2007


Life stirs seriously at times and i can't help but let tears shed through. There are things you can never expect to be perfect or get it the way you want. It's true that it is easier to smile than to explain why you frown but just let it out and let it be because you can never appreciate how sweet happiness can be if you never tasted those bitter tears.

Let that smile strikes and take humour seriously.


polona said...

ha! i wonder if this one is related to the one on my blog :)

Nessa said...

Oh my, what a picture. I agree. Sometimes it is easier to pretend.

My Reflecting Pool said...

Humour is a serious thing. As you say, you won't know its funny if you don't know how dire it can be. Love the picture.

goatman said...

Must be a "show" goat.
Needs pretty teeth to compete?
Nice shot.

Ps said...

Ha ha ha--yes Laughter is indeed the best medicine.Helps you get through life :-)

Reign said...

oh right! you got that picture of a goat from your recent post but this one knows how to smile! ;0)

managing emotions really matters, i guess that's what we mean. ;0)

my reflecting pool:
right, smart people knows what humour is because you won't laugh unless you picked the idea! ;0)

yeah right! this goat is just about to visit his dentist, haha. ;0)

right, science even studies humour and how it affects health.
So let's laugh out loud! ;0)

Thanks for dropping by guys!