Sunday, March 02, 2008

Web of Lies

She declared to be a rich girl, living in a big house and enjoying an extravagant life. A father who was a professional physical therapist and a mother who stays at home as a good housewife - bits and pieces that made herself fit for the chosen crowd. She spent every day of her life in pretending and keeping the image she created. All were lies.

But no matter how she tried to keep everything as impeccable as how her words sound, the truth found its way to slip itself out. By the end, she was entrapped by the web of her own lies. A moment of shame that she almost wished the ground would shake, open wide and swallow her whole.

As one of her friends who was exasperated of such attitude, I confronted her. We always wanted to see her free from such extreme lies. With a soft voice, I went straight on every word I could let go, up to a point where I don't even care if I hurt her feelings. We did our part as her friends, she did lend an ear but she needs to do more than just listening. Our efforts were in vain.

Our friendship turned a total wreck. Haven't heard any news about her but I'm still hoping she got a chance to build the broken pieces of truth that could have saved a lot.

I guess this girl has a psychological problem. Too bad...I'm not a psychiatrist...

A lie to be persuasive enough needs to be backed up by another lie, followed by another, and so on and so forth. No man is completely honest, I agree. There are situations where a strand of lie can be a better rope to hold on or cover up a point that will definitely turn to worse. But when it's rampant and start to fester your individuality or harm other feelings, then I're in trouble.

It tangles as it twist the truth.

I heard a lot, I've seen how lies are orchestrated. They were squeaky-clean...spotless as it may seem and I who had witnessed it now hardly believes.

I can commit honesty, that's easy, but first...convince me more.


Say it said...

People seem to dislike my brand of blatant honesty. I'm prone to false compliments now. Rather, the little white lies.

I think I speak for everyone when I say we've all had the psycho friend, and if we haven't, then we are that psycho friend. :)

Reign said...

Lol. Right, if we never had one then maybe it us who play the psycho friend.

You really can't please everyone, that's why there are some who dislike your way of honesty.

Little white lies...sometimes we need that. ;0)

Solitaire said...

Its very sad that we lead dual lives. Very soon, we will forget which one is our original self.

karma lennon said...

So sad the world is this way. If you're always pretending to be other than you are, then you'll never know yourself. That's why I try to be completely honest always and say whatever's on my mind.

Ps said...

True--we unrealisingly spin a web when we first choose to deceive..but for some people facing reality is so hard that they PREFER to believe in some falsehood themselves.This post reminds me of a painting I did.

Sweetstickychewy said...

I guess the biggest trap of all time is sculpting to be what the world expects of you than what you would rather be.

And often i feel, the best thing we can be is ourself and nothing else. Yet its a challenge at times.

Reign said...

It is possible to have split personalities. Say you behave differently when you're at home and when in a different crowd, with factors to consider, that can be acceptable but to change your that's really worse, right, you will surely forget your original self.

One can keep a thing, can be secret, a feeling, or a reserved idea and to keep it for a good cause and reason is fine.

But keeping yourself from the real you is really a tough one. Pretending and trying to be someone you're not...such a laboured way of living.

Yeah,it starts in just one strand then you'll never realize how many follows till you're trapped by one huge web of lies.

Your painting,that must be a great piece of art. Love to see it.

I agree.The world's expectations can be challenging at times and if we can look at it like a tough game then we should play it fair.

Being yourself...yeah, that's fair...

Nice to have you here guys! ;0)

polona said...

that's a complex and difficult theme... it's easy to say you're honest but not so much to be true to the cause. nothing wrong with an occasional white lie, i reckon, as i don't believe anyone who says he's never lied. tweaking the truth to fit the circumstances is also a lie of sorts.
how to address a liar? now that's not easy. face them? tolerate them?? honestly, i don't know...

Reign said...


Surely it is.

As we say "The one who says he never lied is a liar"

I guess there are basis in every circumtances and the altitude of the damage done can be one of them.