Sunday, March 16, 2008

The Game of Fire

Have you ever spent a night with someone and by the next day your ways crossed, exchanged hi's and hellos as if nothing happens? The casual way.

Playing game is fun but how far can you go to please yourself?
This might be one of your games...Are you ready?

Straight from her lips, she confessed. Details by details, how it began and how long it's been goin' on. The set up? No commitment, no strings attached...just a bed buddy. It's when two pieces of flesh joined together, did such thing over and over but never talked about it. Well, I guess that is just fine not unless one gives in and goes beyond the agreement.

She became emotionally susceptible and felt a pinch whenever another girl roves around her bed buddy. In every game, there's a rule and NO DEMANDS is a big thing for this one.

The guy, on the other hand shows no strong feelings of any kind. And the girl admitted that made her flinched. I don't believe that the guy wasn't aware of how she feels. Someone's trying to pretend that everything's fine.He knows but tries ignore it and so the game goes on.

One thing is for sure, in the middle of the spiralling flame is a burning dilemma.

Dunno how will it end but it's a matter of choice and how you adhere with it.
Whether it is wrong or right, I'll leave it all to them, I'll leave it all to you.
Anyways it's hard to judge and show total acuity on a situation you've never been.

I'm not here to lay my verdict.
Just here to remind the adage "YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR OWN ACTIONS"
Wanna play?
For the one who wants to initiate, don't lay all your cards, if you do...that's how you'll lose the game.
For the one who wants to join, go ahead...amuse yourself but be cautious enough to be aware of what a fire can burn. Ashes ain't a broken glass, no pieces to reclaim.

This is the game of fire.
Now, can you tell me who wins?


d SINNER!!! said...

who wins...

its a losers game...

Reign said...

you just got what i mean. ;0)

goatman said...

I can't help liking people who say "anyways".
As to your question: I never have liked games and donot even like sports, but off the top it seems to me that girl doesn't want to enter a meaningful dialog with boy and when boy goes along with this, she becomes worried and jealous.
I don't know the answers 'cept you are treated the way that you treat.

Anyways, I could be wrong!

polona said...

in a game like this, someone gets hurt eventually...

Marja said...

hi reign How are you. I feel a bit sorry when people have such a relationship They miss out on a lot of good things which makes love so special

Bubbles of FireWhiskey said...

i dnt think dr is a winner @ all...

Reign said...


First, nice to have you back in the blogger world ;0)
Yeah, the girl look at it as nothing more than just a game but it seems that she lost track of the rules.

Exactly, you'll be treated just the way you want and how you let them to.

Anyways, who can say it's a win-win situation?(haha,that word again).


Same as in every game , someone has to lose.

Reign said...

I'm very much fine, thanks for asking!
Special things about love are really out of the way, i don't even know what could be the exact word in this kind of relationship. Game, not sure if it's appropriate but that's what comes in my mind.


Well, if there's any, do you think they deserve a trophy? ;0)

Sweetstickychewy said...

Well both lose in tiz game. But the one that get entangles emotionally and hurt after such a clear cut agreement is gonna lose out more. Cause the other party is juz gonna go about sleeping around as if she is nothing but his bed buddy.Its easy dismissal when someone else is willing to partner.

In these kinda things, one has to know their limits. if not you are just asking for it.

Whatever it is, this game of fire is never free without a payback both ways. so yeah there ain't a winner in this game though they may feel like one in a moment of ecstasy which in turn never fail to show its face of deceit in harsh ways.

Reign said...

Very well said, a concrete opinion for this one.

"game of fire is never free without a payback both ways"

So true. ;0)