Sunday, May 10, 2009

A Mother is God's Idea

A Mother is GOD's great instrument for without her a child's first cry won't be heard. I always look with amazement to see a pregnant woman. A life inside a life, isn't that amazing? But being a mother ain't just about 9-month conceiving and painful delivery. It's a round-the-clock job, a fervent commitment, something that requires a whole heart and a keen mind. I am very blessed to have one. A mother is God's idea and he's indeed a genius.

To my mother, I may not be the sweetest daughter in the world but I am loving you at the best way I could. Thank you so much.

Happy Amazing Mother's Day!


Preeti Shenoy said...

Oh Yes!! :) Moms are the best!
Esp those that have one child and then dcide to do it all over again and have another one depsite knowing what is involved!:D

J said...

Sweet post :)

gillboard said...

belated happy mother's day to your mom!!! and this is not corny... it's actually sweet =)

iriz said...

Love to hear that from someone who's a mother of two.
Yeah, cheers!

Thanks john! your mom must be amazing too!

that corny word i used on your post, lol. thanks!

AD said...

i wish i could go back to being a baby again!

iriz said...

oh yes...when you're being taken care with so much love and attention. when know a little and all you want is to play toys.

anyways, we always have that inner child.

thanks for dropping by!