Friday, July 11, 2008

The Science of Cuts and Stitches

Along with our fluid society comes the human race with unstoppable innovation. They discover, experiment, and dare to achieve more. With array of indelible breakthroughs, could we say that we had lived our lives to the fullest? Science is too vast and discoveries are spontaneous but narrowing it down as we focused on human itself, let's talk about the science which also becomes the current lucrative and risky business here in Asia....Cosmetic Surgery.

A colleague of mine spent a not so frugal expense of P74,000 to have his nose done. He loathed his big flat nose and swear to heaven that one day he'll have that pointed nose he'd been coveting for. After series of medical examination, finally, he undergone 3 hours of operation. During the recovery period of two weeks, there was an abstinence from oily food, he was not allowed to smile or laugh, or any facial movement that will intrude the nose in progress. So I thought at that moment, if you're holding grudges against him and you want to get even, tickling his feet is the best revenge.

The result was good. It was like a pencil turned around the sharpener...pointed. He adored himself like never before and his boyfriend loved it (yeah, you read it right).

It's been a trend that after a certain operation and desired result was achieved, one keeps coming back for more. In the business of cosmetic surgery, people are going across countries within Asia to look for affordable prices. Few months ago, I've read from The Reader's Digest magazine that major spots are Thailand, Korea and Singapore. Seems that we have nations in the pursuit of perfection.

Here, someone who was once a customer of cosmetic surgery is called "retokado" from the word "retoke", meaning "repair". The process itself we called "Thank you Doc". Sounds like you owe someone a huge favor though you just paid for it, tax inclusive. Nowadays, people are very open about it and going to cosmetic surgery ain't a secret. But it's also "ain't a secret" that during surgical operation, there are failures which lead to death. Life...that's too much as a trade for vanity.

I'd like to be a surgeon but I want to do it in a life saving situation. Let's say you're too clumsy walking , you slip on the ground and lay on the railroad, then a train passes your face. If that happens, might as well borrow a face from a dog or just call me, the surgeon to the rescue. But anyways, I'm daydreaming here, it's too late to shift career though.

My body alone can define the word "imperfect" and heaven forgive me for hating it sometimes. I'm fine with changes for it is inevitable but I don't want to do it in a drastic manner especially if health is a huge thing to consider. But this doesn't mean that I'm trying to contempt people who have silicon implanted under their breast or those who are wrapped like mummy after extracting fats from liposuction. I guess people have different interpretation for the adage "love thy body".

Whether it's vanity or anything other than that. For whatever reason one may have, the world revolves in a fast pace and human had found ways to make things easier. Thanks to science and technology, we have gained tremendous advantages. Just beware of the other way around.

Cosmetic surgery...the science where it's just a matter of being ready to go under the knife.
Ooppss....sorry not that one.
There you go...


Nessa said...

A very interesting subject. Being able to re-make one's self is alluring.

karma lennon said...

I've read the same articles in Reader's Digest about the cosmetic surgery rise in Asia. That sort of thing's just not something I understand. I don't necessarily love my body at times and there's stuff I'd like to change but I just can't see resorting to that....I'm old-fashioned! ;)

iriz said...


indeed alluring but there are consequences to consider.;)


well then,old fashioned, they dare to be real. ;)

Raghu Ram Prasad said...

Nice writings with blades and knifes....very good picture

gillboard said...

watching Nip/tuck changed my mind about plastic surgery. I thought before those people who are willing to undergo the pain are shallow and petty.

But there usually is a much deeper need for them that needs to be fulfilled, that's why they decide to go under the knife.

iriz said...


thanks, nice to have you landed on my page. hope you don't get wounds with those sharp edges. ;0)

iriz said...


nuanahan mo ko mag-post ng comment dun ah.c raghu pa lang kausap ko e. lol.

"much deeper need for them that needs to be fulfilled, that's why they decide to go under the knife."

this one stands a point. now we got something from the other side.

pain can be shallow but not as much as the reason.

may tama ka dun.

thanks. ;)

polona said...

cosmetic surgery? thank you very much but no thank you. and i'm far from perfect...
other than exceptionally, i don't think this is the way to cure the psyche for that's what needs healing first... or mybe i'm old-fashioned.

J said...

Hahaha.. love the tinge of humor and sarcasm in this post.

Cosmetic surgery... I only support breast implants :D For the better of 'man' kind.

Scribblers Inc said...

the last part was brilliance...just adding the correct amount of humor that was required...

keep writing.
Scribblers Inc.

iriz said...


whoaa. "no thank you", i could imagine you with a raised eyebrow.


anyone here close to perfect?


naughty guy huh. ok...let's support a campaign regarding that for the "better of 'mind' kind. as you said. lol.


thanks, nice to know that. so i guess that how "scribblers" do it. ;)

goatman said...

This cosmetic surgery is horrible. Unless your face is on backwards (or a train passes by it) I cannot see the necessity. So many more things to worry about than pure looks and perception. Shallow, shallow!
Too much money and not enough smarts in my humble opinion.

d SINNER!!! said...

just the right dose of pun and humor....

iriz said...


face is
i guess people are living in a way society sets it and yes it could mean spending much money.

thanks for your opinion ;)


thanks, my punning,nice to know it tickles a little. ;)

flyingstars said...

lovely reading this post...really interesting!

iriz said...

thanks.nice to have you here


Lawstude said...

before, those persons going under the knife for vanity has always been some sort of a laughing stock but now, almost everyone is doing it.

ang tamad na talaga ng iba na mag-exercise kasi eh lols.

iriz said...

korek k jan, proud pa nga ung colleague ko e. ang sama lang gumanda nga ung ilong, sumama naman lalo ugali, naging mas laitero.

wala na ngang lihim ngaun pagdating sa ganyang bagay.

ganun nga cguro, tinatamad.
walang panahon, maraming salapi.pero anung panahon naman ang kelangan sa pangong ilong?lol.

thanks for dropping!

UTP said...

heheh...I just wrote a comment on a blog 5 minutes back...I ll write it again...

why cant be people happy with who they are?

iriz said...

human never really get contented, once they got what they want, they ask for more. it's a nature.

just different prerogatives.

Raghu Ram Prasad said...

Surgery!!!! I feared by looking photos of knifes and surgery items

iriz said...

nice to have you again on the same topic.

they're creepy in a way but others don't care at all.

it's ok, if you think what you have is more than enough, then nothing to worry about surgical knives, they're look better in photos.;)

K M F said...

thanks for your visit on my blog
it very nice one

iriz said...

nice to have you here as well.

thanks ;)