Friday, May 16, 2008

Extra Syrup

I came from an event that began late at night and ended too early in the morning. It was 3:00am and heading home alone won't be safe. I stopped by a 24-hour fastfood restaurant to have some breakfast. Pancake, it's always been my favorite and made my order.

On my table, it was served hot with butter and syrup at the side accompanied by coffee and pineapple juice. Two thin and fluffy pancakes, I took my first bite. I could sense an awful taste, the second bite. I'm wondering if it's the pancake or the syrup, the third bite. For a pancake, it's a taste offensive for my taste bud. It's sour!!!

As grimace traced on my face, I read something printed on their plate just below their proud name. "A taste that will keep you coming back"

Yeah right...

I called for a crew. "Excuse me, can you please check this one? It taste awfully sour."
The crew brought the pancake back to the kitchen and went back on me not able to deliver a precise explanation.
"Just go ahead, replace it." Me, being too tired for the day.

I've always been their customer exclusively for pancake. I won't come in to their store unless I'm craving for one. The second serving was great, to my surprise, for the first time in the history, pancakes were thick and wide and I could splurge with syrup. Is that what you call a peace offering? And from the crew who made the second serving, I had learned that a vinegar was accidentally diluted with the mixture.

As I made my slices, I guess the syrup wasn't enough so I called someone for assistance
"Is your Manager here?" I asked.
"Yes Mam" a polite response from the crew.
"Good, get me an extra syrup and your Manager please" My favor and demand.
"Manager Mam?" the crew asked who I guess a bit deaf and gave my clear "Yes".

Staff around were somehow frozen and every one's looking at me as the Manager approached. With how I see them it was like they could sense an impending trouble.
"Are you the Manager?" For me, he neither look like a security guard...nor a Manager.
"Yes Mam. Anything I can do for you?" the Manager asked.
"Oh yes, can you make sure that all your condiments are in proper place?" I responded.
The Manager gave me a blank face.
"And keep it away from your pancake mixtures". I continued.

As I am distracted by his wide forehead, I narrated what happened to give him a full idea.

"Well, I'm not totally upset (If I do you'll see how it is to be slapped by a pancake). We make mistakes (thinking of a cook working in a 24-hour store and haven't got enough sleep) but as the Manager (which I doubt) you should know what's happening inside the kitchen. I just don't want it to happen again, not just to me but to all of your customers".

There was a burning shame in him and I'm trying to lessen the tension by keeping a smile. Through his eyes I'm pretty sure he's wondering how was I able to manage a composure after the frivolous service. No, I'm not trying to be nice, Im just too tired to throw the table out of the store.
He apologized sincerely and thanked me for my concern.

Vinegar in my pancake? I let it slide...anyways it's an ingredient frequently found in my mother's recipes. I don't really have an intention to make a scene, I just don't want to leave the place knowing I haven't speak up my mind. As a customer, it's my right to give negative feedback but I guess being frank doesn't necessarily be loud and raging.

In situations where you have to speak up to raise your point don't hesitate to do so 'coz you might leave the room with "could have beens" and "might have beens". As a customer, you have a say on how they render service and your negative feedback is a vital piece for them to do better with their business. Go complain!

In my case, I can't ask the spoon and fork to stand up for me and uphold with my point or have the pancake fold itself into two, form like a mouth and do the talking. Well, that's cool! But the the thing is we're not in a puppet show.

I reached home with a peaceful belly and I'm thinking what if it's not a vinegar? What if it's a cockroach or something? Well, they should apologize but it's going to be beside a lawyer

Hmm...again...I'm craving for a pancake...


Bubbles of FireWhiskey said...

i love this post because unlike most people who would have hollared, you took the high road... :) take a bow... and you earned that pancake...

iriz said...

thanks bubbles of takes more effort to grump violently than to keep calm and yet raise your point.yeah, i earned that pancake and don't forget the extra syrup. ;0)

polona said...

ah, a new makeover... i like :)

well, i think you reacted well and wish more people would do so.

Marja said...

You are very assertive Well done.
it's in everybody's best interest.
I usually try to be but still find it difficult

Sutta said...

Guts! Take a bow.

Eben said...

yang ang friend ko! atapang a tao! at may poise pa rin kahit badtrip na.

nagkaroon tuloy ako ng recipe idea...sweet and sour pancake. LOL

buti ka nga vinegar lang, ako noon remember kung ano yung nasa flying saucer na bili ko sa pureza? hehehe.

iriz said...


yeah, a new make over with my real name on it. ;0)

maybe that's me when i'm tired. hehe.

Perhaps I am and you're right it's for everyone's best interest. ;0)

iriz said...

Nice thing you found my page! Thanks for that but all I want is to let them know on what part they could have done better or should i say done right. ;0)


Paalala lang hindi ako si andres bonifacio. haha.

Oo naman, cno bang makakalimot sa flying saucer na yan?!haha.

Salamat sa pagdaan. ;0)

The Keeper of the Keys said...

i'd just walk out of the resteraunt...that was very nice of you!
thanks for the comment earlier

iriz said...

welcome! hope you had something just at the right taste! ;0)

goatman said...

You might want to be careful the next time you go back there (unless you left a big tip.)
They may wish to put something in your food that you wouldn't find! ha

iriz said...

haha, nothing, no tip.
i'm craving for a pancake but thinking of somewhere else to make an order. ;0)

little boxes said...

nicely written...
it is very important to raise your voice against wrong,else it just goes unheard!!

iriz said...

thanks little boxes, you're definitely right 'bout that;0)