Thursday, April 10, 2008

Kids: I guess What They Mean Is...

My older sister got married and now has 3 wonderful kids. Well, me, playing the role of a nice Aunt has no choice but to call them wonderful. Lol. Kidding aside, they really are. They used to call me "Tita I" (Tita means Aunt).
Anytime my sister is not around and I have to keep an eye on them is a moment that I realized the laden of being a parent. During lunch when everyone was so busy consuming their food, I had noticed the youngest one can't balance the spoon very well. I offered to do it for her but she intensely refused. The spoon turned out to be a rope being pulled from different directions that whoever let go first will lose. Of course... she won. As she struggled to take the food into her mouth 15% was successfully swallowed and travelled through her belly, 80% fell helplessly onto the table. The 5%? Stranded between her teeth. The little girl enjoyed her lunch and I hoped I feel the same way as I cleaned her mess. Watching me as I picked some grains, the beam on her face was like telling me she had done something perfectly on that day.
I guess kids really mean that sometimes you have to get out of your box and take initiative. There are things you won't learn unless you do it on your own. If you want to be good on something, no one can stop you...even your most pretty Aunt.
Busy doing home chores, I let the kids play on the floor with toys cluttered and had the chance to go upstairs. As I arranged my stuff, I heard a commotion and dodged through my way downstairs. There, two kids I left with serenity a while ago are now trying to slay each other. You know toys? They aren't just for fun, it can also create a chaotic atmosphere and can be very useful for a kid under emotional rage and feels the need to hit someone. Dolls turned flying saucers, bolted through the air and reached the ground dilapidated.
"Stop it! I said stop it!" I scolded after making my quick few steps. The two little monsters were too ferocious to unravel and seemed too deaf to hear me. After few minutes, finally, I was physically between them.
"What's the problem huh?" The interrogation began.
"She stole my car!!!" An accusation from the little boy screaming for justice.
"I just want to borrow it!!!" A defense from the little girl trying to acquit herself.
"Okay...okay..." Me, thinking if I could bring it to the supreme court.
Unfortunately, the judge, their mum, wasn't around so I had to take and weigh things over. And to be little less harsh I made sure that whatever my verdict would be won't lead to imprisonment.
"Little boy, why don't you just let her borrow your toy for a while. Anyways you have a lot of other toys to play with, I'll just make sure that you'll have it later. And you (looking at the little girl) promise him you'll give it back and don't forget to thank him" I closed the deal.
The little girl did nod and the boy turned his back, he gave way but with a heavy heart, found a corner and play as he wept. Being swamped by so many things to do, much of my time was wasted but I had to sit for a while and stay more to assure that the war had ceased. The little girl stood beside me, her elbow touched my knee. Handling the toy, she got what she wanted but unhappy seeing her only playmate for the day with river of tears.
"Go, say sorry to your brother" I uttered. A bit hesitant but slowly made her way to the corner and gave the toy back.
"Brother...I'm sorry, let's just play." She sheepishly uttered as she hugged her brother and gave him a kiss.
I'm telling you, they look really cute and I tried to remember if I've been like that to my brother when we were young. I'm still trying to recall until now and perhaps by tomorrow I still do.
I guess kids mean that siblings with given disparities on attitude and thinking is just one reason not to expect a total harmony. Conflicts will come your way but what vital is you know how to forgive, far more than that, you also need to know how to admit your mistakes and apologize.
I love having conversation with kids.
"Tita, when I grow up I'll buy you a bunch of slippers!." The little girl told me with enthusiasm as she moved her hands trying to describe a mountain.
"Wow! well that's great but where will you get the money to buy me some?" I asked with a smile.
"Ummm...I'll asked grandma to give me money!" She answered then I took a pause.
"That is so sweet!" I responded with appreciation and gave her a tight hug not knowing whether to laugh or cry.
She could have answered "I'll finish my study, find a good job and earn a living" or something like that, by then she can purchase a slew of slippers enough for me and our neighbors. But talking to a 3-year old kid wanting to do something extra for her Aunt, it's definitely a smart and sweet answer.
I guess kids mean that one must have a dream, even little ones and when you dream go share it. On the day of your triumph, you'll never know how many people will be proud of you 'coz they know as you declared. If you failed, well that's a shame but at least you still have them around to sympathize for the same reason...they know.
Haggard from work, I reached home and opened the door. After the squeaky sound were tiny shrill voices "Tita I!!!". One hugged my right leg, the other hung into my waist while the other was pulling down my left arm. I hobbled as I came in. My nieces and nephew stayed and waited for me 'till evening. Smart kids, they know it's my payday. I put down the box of donuts and they ate it like a tornado. After a while, my niece pushed herself up and sat on my lap.
"Tita, I miss you and I love you" I was touched by the little monster who used to let me always clean her mess.
"I miss and I love you too...So where's my kiss?" I tenderly responded and asked.
She pulled her sleeve and wiped out the flour on her mouth that she got from eating donuts. I felt little hands on my cheeks and gave me a kiss on my lips. I was amazed how kids freely say what they feel.
I guess kids mean let them know. If you missed them, what's stopping you to say it? You'll never know how these little things touch the biggest part of their hearts.
Kids, they have a lot of things to share but I guess they don't really need to say what they truly mean.

 Ichan...signing off...


Bubbles of FireWhiskey said...

i say this over and over again... it is for the reasons highlighted in you post that keeping the child within you alive isnt just a good thing... its absolutely necessary...

Reign said...

yeah. it's a great thing to have kids around and wish you were just one of them.

we all once lived a simple and innocent life.

thanks for being here! ;0)

Sweetstickychewy said...

Awww man i loved this post. Could so idenitfy with it! I have a niece how is striving to be Ms Independent at her little age. 5!

And yeah she insist on eating on her own too. lol.

You know sometimes i think remembering how to be a kid could be a great big help to our 'happy' meter. Its one of the most beautiful thing to acquire.

Cheers! Have a good weekend!:D

Reign said...

Thanks dear! Kids are really growing more independent than ever before.

Going back to our younger years let us feel that life has been so kind to us. Kids, they best remind us of it.

Yeah! Cheers!

Compassion Unlimitted said...

Thats beautifully said..also many a times we learn a lot moving with complexities and simple way of handling things is a big lesson from them,isnt it !!

abhi said...

awwww.. if i ws at ur place i wud hav started fighting with kids for their toys :D :D
somtimes i wonder why all kids have a habbit to snatch my chashma... mayb u will have some explanation for that :O

d SINNER!!! said...

:) makes me smile...ol those things...and the way u have taken it up...gr8...

polona said...

looks like i'm in a minority here... kids are sweet and i like them but i can't imagine living with them...

Reign said...

Nice to know that. Kids make twist and turn in a way they're sometimes not aware of. Yeah, thanks for their big lessons! ;0)

Lol. Well sometimes you have to share things with them or explain how they work 'coz if not from you,they'll find other ways to find it.

Sure,I may join the fight but that's a much bigger trouble. ;0)

Reign said...

Smile, they make me have that on my face. Nice to know i gave you one. ;0)

Having kids around is not all fun. Yeah, it takes a lot of patience to manage them at times. Maybe it's not that you can't live with them, perhaps you're not just ready. Planning to have one? Lol ;0)

Pri said...

thats the reason i adore kids...
they sure know how and when to say the cutest things :D

ahh! the innocence of childhood...wish we could go back in time...sigh!

Reign said...

definitely, kids are innocent yet adorable.

thanks for dropping by! ;0)

Lawstude said...

ah kids... don't you just love 'em, rascals and all.

Reign said...

right, they can be a headache at times but having them around can also be fun.

thanks for being here! ;0)

karma lennon said...

I adore kids. Simply for that reason-they are who they are and say what they mean without limitation. And they're better than any anti-depressant! ;)

iriz said...

anti-depressant. haha. yeah, you got it! thanks you came by. ;0)