Sunday, January 27, 2008

Will You Just Live the Day or Plan for Tomorrow?

Year ended, year started... So how things went on us for the passed 365 days?

I bought a planner last year. Accompanied by a friend, she saw me handling the thing and asked me in perplexity, "What are you suppose to do with that?!"

Though she sounded like she wanted me to bring it back from where I got it, I know she's not playing ignorant and I'm sure she knows how in this world it is being used. My friend just can't get the point of planning a "day".

Half of the year, I forgot about the planner. It rested inside my closet and hadn't got a time to glance on it. The year ended, I found my planner back and turned every pages.

From the month of January to June, I enjoyed knowing details of what had happened from the past, what I had accomplished and little tasks left unchecked because I failed to do so.

It's when I plan for tomorrow...

I went through the month of July to December, pages were neat with no trace of my pointed pen. But I know since events went unplanned, I got a lot of surprises along the way. Things went done without me worrying too much.

It's when I just live the day...

The comparison:

Just because you plan for the next day doesn't mean you're too anxious for tomorrow, anyway being organized won't hurt. Well, you don't really need to purchase a planner. Having a mental notes of your goals will be fine though writing it down and making it visible is a good way of reminding yourself. The downside? You hate surprises. It's annoying when your boss begs you for an overtime and it's on your plan to go home early so you can do your stuff. You hate it when someone calls you for an immediate reason and you're supposed to stay at home because that's your plan for your most awaited rest day.

On the other hand...

Just because you go ahead live the day doesn't mean you don't really give attention. It's always a great thing to live a carefree life, enjoying and taking each moment. The downside? You misses out little things that soon can be a part of a big mistake. Enjoying too much might lead you to boredom at the end because you never realize certain things were getting mundane. And of course you hate to see someone carrying a planner and ask that person in an amusing tone "What are you suppose to do with that?!"

Which way is better? Which one works for you? I'll be glad to know and collate some good points. ;0)


LAWSTUDE said...

I am actually a little bit of both. I am a planner, I usually plan everything but sometimes it can get so frustrating 'coz there are lots of internal and external factors in a given situation. And when thing like than happen, I just live the day. Just grin and bear it bob!!!

Thanx for the comment reign...

Abhishek Khanna said...

i dunt like planning.. cz 90% of the times things dun go by the way u planned..
so y wasting so much time planning..

goatman said...

I try not to plan; in hopes of a surprise.
But some things have to be done (involving food) at certain times.
Is that planning?

Pri said...

well i agree with u...
bith have their pro's and cons...:)
so i think its best to have a tangible planner...
which means u wouldent be upset if things dont go as per ur plans too...
but then again u never ready for surprises...thats why they 'surprise' u in the first place ;)...
i know i know...wasent making much sense not going as planned *grin*

Ps said...

I guess it justdepends on your personality.I dont think there is a better way--it is what works for you.
I, for one, dont plan.I dont even plan what to cook for the next day(considering I have kids and a home to run)I look into the fridge and rustle up something nutritious and tasty.I know women, on the other hand, who plan pat down to last detail what they will be doing almost every hour of the week.
To each his own!
I'd die of boredom if i had to follow a pre-planned routine.

TheBirdman33 said...

Thanks for coming by my blog. Leanne Rhimes looks great in that video.

Reign said...

Ei guys!


I remember the first time you land on my page, you were a lawstude by then. Cheers!
You're now a CPA! congratz!

So planning comes first and when things don't come your way, you just live the day. Makes sense. ;0)


Hmm...You go with the flow, 90% of things went done without you giving too much attention. Lots of surprises! Less frustrations... ;0)

Thinking of what food to eat the next day is also a form of planning, it just turns out to be routinary that's why you don't really think you plan for it, but you did.

Trying not to plan, but right, there are things that you can't just LET IT you plan to MAKE IT HAPPEN. ;0)


Yeah, you can never be ready for surprises, it already hits you before you know it.

Less plan... ;0)

Experimental in a sense, hope i could taste that food you rustle up from the fridge!

Pre-planned routine, right, it's really boring.

Then let's have some reform, we should plan to make sure that we're not doing the same thing over again. ;0)

Reign said...


Your welcome! Yeah,that video is really great. So i guess you drop by my page without planning.haha;0)

polona said...

i'm completely disorganised and a procrastinator.
so, even if i did plan, it would never work for me

Reign said...

I see, just living the day works better for you.

It's going to be frustrating when you plan and always fail.

Just like how you shoot photos, you just spot it but you got it at its best. ;0)