Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Point of Realization

It never happened...NOT because "It's not meant to be" BUT because you haven't done your BIG move for the sake of it.
You just stare at it and let it slip away...
So now, you lie into the ocean of regrets.
Will it be too late?
Will there be another chance?


Abhishek Khanna said...

life is a bitch.. it doesnt give u more than one chance... sometimes it never gives even one chance

polona said...

they say when a door closes, look around for an open window or something like that... just don't give up

Reign said...


that was too strong my dear...
got your point.

but sometimes it's not life who will give us a chance but we, ourselves.


Definitely, I have 3 faces on my mind as i wrote this,one was mine. But i wrote it primarily for the other two.

Right,when the door closes , one must look for an open window.

In my case...i'll found my way to an open roof ;0)

Sweetstickychewy said...
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Sweetstickychewy said...
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Sweetstickychewy said...

Such a beautiful song Reign..loving it so much!:D

Interesting post. Often we let oppurtunites to pass when it visits us eh. i guess its the fear of taking a risk at times.

Hmm if one oppurtunity passes by. Am sure life is not cruel enough to not present another one of a different type. As they say, when one door closes, another door opens up. It begins with us.


Sweetstickychewy said...

Apologies for the two deleted comment. i spelled ya name wrongly in da first one.

Reign said...


oh that song "life goes on", it's really beautiful.

Right, life isn't that cruel...but i think if we always don't take the risk then we make it cruel for ourselves (i'm learning...;0))

Don't mind if you misspelled my name, it's just ok.

Thanks for passing by ;0)

J said...

hey there reign. Not sure what context you bring this out of, but it does strike a note.

Another chance.

If it was meant to be, maybe life does give another chance. Atleast that's what I've learnt and seen.


Abhishek Khanna said...

sometimes.. just sometimes
n yeah .. sorry for the language in previous comment..

Reign said...

Sorry if sometimes i can't be more specific but i'm sure you got the idea.

Confusing as it is, right, if it's meant to be then there must be another chance.

What i really mean is, do the big move first, if it failed then tell yourself it's not meant to be.
Rather have a mind being presided by the idea of "it's not meant to be" without even trying so.

But of course there are things you cannot insist it if really tries to resist.


Reign said...


Don't apologize my dear, i always love those kind of opinions, very real. Just like you, you've always been so true with your comments and your own blog.

See the caption at the bottom of my page?



Nice to have you here!Cheers!

Kalyan said...

lovely thoughts...they are so realistic & can happen anytime with us, but I also do believe there is always another chance maybe a bit late sometimes, but we just have to realise that opportunity at the right time....I believe whatever happens, it happens for the better....have a nice time!

Reign said...


You made a point on that. It is indeed realistic and i hope every instances will give way for a second chance.

Nice to have you here!

Solitaire said...

I hope there is!!

Reign said...


Right...especially for those who badly need it.

Solitaire said...

You seem to have disappeared after Valentine's Day?

Reign said...


Yeah, got so busy...but hey, i'm back!

Thanks for droppin' by ;0)