Monday, October 26, 2009


Does the heart think to understand the mind? Does the mind feel to empathize with the heart? Or will they go against each other 'till only one overrules?

When the mind gives up, the heart still goes on.
It's over. After all the was said and done, the mind finally curtailed all positive reasons for the heart. But the heart knows no reason, it may know but ignores. The mind sets when enough is enough and adherence is a rule. But does it matter for a heart that perceives things immeasurably? One against the other. Don't they know they just share the same misery?

When the heart chooses to drift away, the mind goes against the tide.
Directions are there but the sense of having it was lost. In the sail of life, there are times that mind and heart can never be the same as wind and wave -two elements dancing harmoniously till it make a complete thud against the shore. Who's handling the compass? If one does, how accurate is it? Will you let the mind determine the right course? Or will you let the heart go to the course that seems right?

When the mind owns reality, the heart lives with a dream.
How close is reverie to reality? The mind shrouds the heart with reality but the heart resists to embrace it. Dreams are like bonfire that keeps you warm to survive the cold night. But reality is creeping underneath your bed , quivering the surface, creating tremor of doubts until your eyes are wide open. Truth, why do we escape from it like fugitives despite the adage that it will set you free?

When the heart has so much to remember, the mind starts to forget.
Just when you thought that only the mind could remember, the heart holds on good memories. It was as if the blood that pumps through the heart as it throbs. Good memories heaped into the tall shelves but the mind grabbed a ladder and began to pull everything out. Have you tried to run away, lurk behind or even hope you could evaporate just to forget? Is hurting thyself more bearable and a form of preparation for a much painful truth? You hurt yourself, but what if by doing so, you might just hurting someone else?

How do you fool a foolish heart? How do you outsmart a shrewd mind? How could emotion let you feel yet dumb most of your senses? When logic hampered the way to happiness then how would that make sense? An outstretched soul between two forces dragging each other. Anything more frustrating than that? Is life too complicated to simplify? Or is it too simplified that we just make it complicated?

Once, a deranged soul asked...

In the battle of heart and mind, who shall prevail?


Marja said...

deat iriz Excellent post Love it In Holland we have a saying (I will try to translate it) If the heart and the mind fight each other
the mind wins and gets defeated
The mind thinks it is the strongest but it actually isn't. When you have a good or bad experience the feeling stays always connected to that experience. If you later come in a simular experience, your brain automatically connects them with a e.g. bad experience. Eventhough the mind says there is no reason
Have a great day

iriz said...

"If the heart and the mind fight each other, the mind wins and gets defeated" - sage words.

maybe,i should say "how do you fool a foolish mind?"

Marja, thanks for sharing your two cents. You too, have a great day:)

Heavenly Muse said...

so u dealt with everlasting dilemma in sucha subtle manner...
keep them overpowering each there comes a stage in everyone's life when both thinks alike...

goatman said...

The heart will surely rule -- but it may take awhile. Mind seems to build and work and ignore what supports it. But heart sits in the background waiting for the smoke to clear and the scene to grow beautiful once again so that we can see what we are -- children of the universe . . . (music here ♫ ♪♪♪)

yiN said...

ayt. ako my version hehehe.

the heart will always be the first to be tried. it should be in any way be like the bamboo which instead of going against the winds must bend and go with the direction of the winds. it can not be hurt. and the mind should know that. if the mind is aware of that, the two will be invincible and there will be no pain.

hehe. sana tsumamba ako ate. muah

iriz said...

you know when ideas/questions keep running through my mind, they just keep running and won't leave me not unless i write it down. i just did.
right, such overpowering forces. thanks. :)

that was a wonderul line and right,how great it would be to see what's behind. was it the children of the universe by john denver? i love the message of the song. :)

hi yin, nice to have you here. that's a good point. right, heart can be flexible while mind can be stiff sometimes. but yes if one would concede there will be no pain.
anu kb, hindi yan tsamba, well said. salamat! :)

gillboard said...

sabi sa grey's anatomy. the most interesting thing about heart transplants is that one completely loses his own heart and be replaced with someone else's yet still has the feelings for the same person he/she loves. this proves that love works in the minds of people and not in their hearts.

iriz said...

indeed interesting. does it mean, it's all in the mind? the mind feels then.

Pri said...

no matter what prevails, its the soul which always loses! :(

J said...

The title of this blog is so apt for this post. I mean it could be this post title for all you know.

Win or lose, someone will have to pay the price.. and the soul it is.

iriz said...

sad for the soul. :(

you noticed it. you're right it's all about mind and emotion. hope the price is not too high. :)

goatman said...

I'm not sure if it was John Denver?

I thought I made it up: "children of the universe" but I guess there is little one can say that hasn't already been said, or sung!

But still, we are ...

Keshi said...

Both :)

Cos if we lose heart, the mind is useless. If we lose our mind, the heart is useless. Both need to co-exist to compete with each other. It's a constant battle with no winners.

Merry Christmas & a very Happy New Year to ya Iriz!


iriz said...

oh you made it up, nice one. forget about john

yeah, you're definitely right.they need each other...
happy holidays to you!!!

the donG said...

Hi Irz, looks like you're one who has a really good heart.

thanks by the way for dropping by Eskapo.