Friday, December 14, 2007

Visual Creatures

While men are huddling around with women as their talking point, well...on the other side, women are having consensus that men are certainly visual creatures, they can't help...but look.

Of course, men are just scattered around. You can have an eye on them everywhere.

Here he is...Mr. Just-Like-A-Slobbering-Dog

I just needed one ride and I'll be at my destination ready to do some work. Almost late and with dwindling patience, I waited for a vehicle that could possibly fly and bring me there. Few inches from me was a guy with his head going back and forth ready to grab a door of an empty cab. "Seems everyone is so preoccupied by such a busy day".... I told myself

Suddenly, a lady just crossed the road. She got smooth legs under her mini skirt, well sculptured shoulder, red pair of lips and hips that moved like a pendulum.

In the real world, everything was still moving at the normal speed but not for the guy who was few inches from me. He stared at the lady as if the moment was in slow motion. Who seemed to be a busy guy just minutes ago turned out to be a slobbering dog. I observed him while his gaze was fixed at the gorgeous lady and I could tell that if a meteor was about to fall on the ground and crush him into pieces, because of the moving flesh...he wouldn't care.

Meet him...Mr. Oblivious-Of-My-Presence

At work, it was our 15-minute break. My office mate and I went downstairs and headed at the smoking area. I don't smoke but decided to go with him to warm myself a bit since the air con was blowing straight at my workstation making me feel as if I'm working at the North Pole.

It was a good conversation not until he moved his head 90 degrees angular. A voluptuous woman passing by stole his attention from me. As I speak, my voice trailed off and my mind just found way to end with what i was saying. For a moment he became oblivious of my presence. I felt invisible.

There was an uncomfortable feeling. I asked myself " that insecurity?". But who the hell cares if she's sexy and I'm not? Maybe the guy I'm talking to cares...but not me.

I know I shouldn't expect others to treat me the way I treat them, most of the time that's not how the world works, but personally I'm taking it as something unfair. When I am with a guy and he's on the verve of conversing with me, I look into his eyes and give him an undivided attention. Mr. Oblivious-Of-My-Presence could have realized that at the moment. And if I'm talking with someone I value so much, I don't even care whether a famous celebrity pass by. When i say "I am with you" , I mean "I am with you". I have nothing against those who spot hottie men, I have girlfriends who are good at it and I try to join them by simply giving little comments but hardly take the initiative.

I opened the topic with a friend, by then, I learned I wasn't alone. She got the same notion like i have and that uncomfortable feeling was not something unknown to others.

So what I did? I joined guys. Now I don't mind.

As I was speaking with guys who happen to be my colleagues, a lady passed by. I took a pause in the middle of what I was saying. "Look at her she hottie?" . Trying to hook who among them will make a difference. Funny...they all failed me.

Once I did that with another guy, when I pointed the hottie girl, he looked back at me and uttered, "Reign, are you a lesbian?". I laughed.

To be fair enough, guys may flirt the whole day with all the girls around but at the end of the day before he close his eyes, he only thinks of the one he truly loves. Am I right?

As for me, I am a indeed a visual creature but my eyes are drawn for only one man.



Abhishek Khanna said...

""guys may flirt the whole day with all the girls around but at the end of the day before he close his eyes, he only thinks of the one he truly loves""
very true :)

Reign said...

so i made a point on that...

i was expecting a man to be against this post, haha.

Sweetstickychewy said...

lol @ ya last caption.

And gosh! i agree with ya on man. Some of them are really into boob talking. *ROLL EYES*

Thanks Reign for ya comment over at my place.


Reign said...

Haha, right...that stiff-neck.

Thanks for being here.


Abhishek Khanna said...

btw.. i never knew gals noticed all this.. :O
will have to stop this when my female frnds are arnd ;)

polona said...

yep, men's attention distracts easily.
good one!

Reign said...

there you go...
well, it won't hurt to be a little sensitive ;0)


right. DISTRACTS, that's the word!

thanks guys for dropping by!

karma lennon said...

Reign, you're back! I thought you left the bloggy world. Good to see you! And yeah, I do that with all my guy friends. Except my guy friends can be a bit more, um, crude with their choice of words. But yeah, I will often comment on the hotness of women, let's face it, we're way better to look at then men any day! ;) In fact, my Brit boy and I have the same taste in women. But I digress. Anyway glad to have found you again. :)

Reign said...

hi karma lennon!

yes, im back! and no, i didn't leave the bloggy world! ;0)
just a little rest.

i'm thinking of those crude choice of words...haha.

Glad to have you here again ;0)

TheBirdman33 said...

I don't even flirt as much when I am in a relationship. I wouldn't disrespect my other half like that.

Love the pictures at the top of the post though. Mmmm Mmmm.


Reign said...

that's good, hope all guys behave like that.

nice to have you here thebirdman33 ;0)

My Reflecting Pool said...

Oh, This was good. And very true.

Unfortunately I do that to people all the time. Its not about looking at women, cause I look at men, at buildings, interactions, at everything I walk by. People sometimes think I'm not paying attention, but I am.

Reign said...


I have friends like you and i know how to get along. This is something that is dominant to male species.

So i guess, girls are better in multitasking, listening while spotting pretty guys ;0)

nice to have you here again;0)